How to Get Marketing-Led Growth With a Limited Budget

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July 5, 2023

Do you feel like your marketing budget for your B2B is smaller than ever… and that you’re also feeling pressured to get so much more done with less? You’re not alone!

According to Gartner, 71% of CMOs said that they are lacking the budget to execute their strategy in 2023.

As a full-service marketing communication agency, here’s our number one tip to achieving marketing-led growth on a small budget: B2B sales enablement. In other words, getting your marketing and sales team on the same page will work magic for your lead generation and revenue growth!

And results are in! According to Gartner’s latest CSO Sales & Marketing Alignment Guide, sales lead organizations that prioritize alignment with marketing are 3x more likely to exceed new cutomer acquisitio targets.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how sales enablement can work with a marketing-led budget to give you the most strategic and efficient marketing strategy.

What is B2B Sales Enablement?

Before we go any further, let’s talk about sales enablement.

Salesforce defines “sales enablement” as using all resources to help sales representatives sell better! From a marketing point of view, this can mean many things, but in a general sense it means to get your marketing and sales teams on the same page.

Aligning Your Marketing and Sales teams

Without alignment between the marketing and sales teams, companies experience smarketing. These are the signs you should watch out for:

  • Lack of budget efficiency
  • Being pulled in different directions
  • Spending dozens of hours doing overlapping work
  • Losing potential customers because of lack of synergy and data integration
  • Decreased sales and revenue
  • Demotivated sales team
  • Sales target not being met MoM or YoY
  • Missed opportunities
  • Wasted resources
  • Erosion of customer trust
  • Conflict between sales + marketing teams
  • No data tracking

As an agency who believes that CMO and CFO unity is the key to B2B success, here’s how we visualize the sales enablement in marketing:

Our map of B2B sales enablement in marketing to generate marketing-led growth.

What is a Marketing-Led Budget?

While we’re at it, we should also define what we mean by “marketing-led.”

To put it simply, marketing-led is deeply invested in demand generation.

The difference between sales-led and marketing-led growth.

This is why marketing-led growth is so accessible for B2Bs. By investing in demand generation, your B2B can see:

  • More MQL generation
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased profit margins

How Does B2B Sales Enablement Help with Marketing-Led Growth?

Now let’s bring these two worlds together.

What does sales enablement have to do with marketing-led growth? It’s an iterative process!

The better you equip your marketing team with a sales mindset, the more lead generation = the more sales. The more communication between the sales and marketing teams, the better your content assets will assist both teams goals!

Flow chart showing how sales and marketing team collaboration (B2B sales enablement) will increase profit margins and the marketing budget via marketing-led growth.

Ready to Get Started?

We understand that this can be confusing, which is why we’re here to help!

As a full-service demand generation agency with experience in over 16+ indsutries in B2B, we can provide expertise at every stage of your growth. We can support with auditing your current channels performance to documenting strategy, putting plans to guarantee flawless execution. Our team’s expertise is to achieve marketing-led growth for B2B companies.

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