What are the Top Ways to Invest in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

June 24, 2023

With pressure from the Board and the executives to get a return on the marketing budget, many marketing leaders are inspired by top brands, like Fortune 100 companies, and wonder why they’re so successful. Turns out, relentless investment in strategic marketing and disciplined focus on flawless execution make them best-in-class performers.

If you wish to build your business to create demand generation and get predictable growth, digital marketing is the best investment to make right now. In this blog we’ll go over the top ways to invest in digital marketing to make sure you are optimizing your budget and getting the best ROI.

6 of the Top Ways to Invest in Digital Marketing

Here at Pace Creative, we have a ton of experience in building marketing engines to drive predictable revenue growth. Over time, we’ve solidified a short-list of the best things that B2B companies can do to see results.

  1. B2B digital marketing strategy
  2. Brand positioning strategy and execution
  3. Mobile marketing for B2B
  4. SEO/SEM strategy and execution
  5. Email marketing strategy and execution
  6. Event strategy and execution

6 top ways to invest in digital marketing.

Can you see a commonality? Strategy! With digital marketing, luck is not reliable. Using your budget to invest in strategies backed by data and research will set you on the path to revenue growth.

How to Execute a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy?

You’ve probably heard that a strategy is only as good as its performance. And getting a good execution requires planning.

To make the most of these top ways to invest in digital marketing for our clients, we follow 3 steps:

Step 1:

Document a Roadmap that puts out near-term digital marketing program objectives, as well as longer-range performance achievements. Each initiative’s objectives is tied to the goal of demand generation and new customer acquisition.

Step 2:

Assess internal and external resources skills, tools and processes to support digital marketing objectives — and a plan for closing gaps in marketing performance.

Step 3:

Define role with set of responsibilities for the CMO and digital marketing team. Digital Set and oversee budgeting, hiring, technology selection and campaign planning in support of strategy execution.

You can become a best-in-class brand too!

Our team would be happy to help along your journey to ensure you focus on investing in your digital marketing strategy and execution. If you own the vision, we have the expertise and the proven framework to create demand generation.

Get in touch with our team of marketing intelligence consultants to turn your B2B budget into a savvy investment.

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