Aggreko is a leading supplier of temperature control solutions worldwide. They offer water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers for simple and complex applications. Aggreko’s customer-centric services and solutions allow them to recommend the best temperature control solution for their customer’s specific needs. To launch their new product for the summer, they needed a strategic agency to introduce a B2B manufacturing marketing strategy and campaign.

The goal of the strategy and campaign was to build Aggreko’s brand awareness to increase the sales of its water-cooler chillers. They wanted to create a promotional strategy around their existing infographic and utilize social media to reach out to qualified leads.

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increase in sales


increase in leads


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Aggreko hoped a promotional B2B manufacturing marketing strategy would help their company build brand awareness, educate customers, gain more qualified leads, and increase sales.

  • How to develop a promotional marketing strategy to increase sales and gain qualified leads?
  • How to create a customer-centric product launch campaign to build brand awareness?
  • How to implement a promotional strategy to promote Aggreko’s integrated campaign assets?


Promotional B2B Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

We structured the B2B manufacturing marketing strategy to highlight the difference between a water-cooler and water-cooler chillers across multiple channels, including a series of videos. The purpose of documenting the strategy and creating cohesive content across channels was to engage prospective customers and drive sales leads to the sales team (sales enablement).

Content Planning and the Customer Journey

When planning the promotional marketing content, we considered the customer journey, how to develop content that speaks to customers’ needs and concerns, and how they evolve over the decision-making journey. We also considered different ways for customers to discover and engage with Aggreko’s content such as SEO, serendipitous and socially optimized content.

Promotional Videos

Based on the customer journey, Pace Creative wrote the script for, animated, and produced four promotional videos to educate customers about the water-cooled chillers to drive users from YouTube. We also developed a custom online calculator to help qualify leads.

Developing a Customer-Centric Microsite

The promotional videos were intended to direct users to the microsite with an interactive tool. We also designed and developed a microsite to host these videos along with the calculator to act as an assessment tool.

Distributing Assets Across Channels

Pace Creative launched the promotional assets that made the marketing strategy across multiple channels – including social media, emailers, and direct mail. to drive leads to promote the campaign.

Digital Paid Ads

To make the campaign even more successful, we launched paid ads in our promotional strategy. This included a series of PPC ads to resonate with awareness, interest, and consideration content.

Launch Playbook

Pace Creative created a launch playbook directed toward the external and internal sales teams to align their efforts with the campaign and key messages to use at each stage of the sale cycle to help close the deal.


  • The B2B manufacturing marketing strategy and campaign was launched in Australia, North America, South America, and the UK.
  • Aggreko saw a vast increase in social media engagement, with over 300,000 followers on LinkedIn, 3000 on YouTube, 20,000 on Facebook, and 6000 on Twitter today!
  • Increase in sales by 28% YOY.
  • 48% increase in leads.
  • Up to 7.8k views on Air-Cooled Chillers vs. Water-Cooled Chillers video!

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