Associated Spring is a business of Barnes Group and is an OEM manufacturing company that manufactures custom springs for different industries such as aerospace, aviation, defense, medical device, and advanced manufacturing. They are a global leader and innovator in the engineering of innovative precision spring and stamping solutions.

Associated Spring wanted to transform and establish its online marketing presence by developing a strategic web content hub that showcases its expertise and services. Pace Creative developed a custom content strategy that focuses on the spring manufacturing industry with a focus on the OEM buyer.


average qualified leads per month


LinkedIn campaign click thru rate


PPC campaign click thru rate


Associated Spring wanted to establish thought leadership in the industry by using a content hub strategy to match its competitors and improve its brand awareness. This online education hub would contain digital content like online articles and blogs.

  • How to transform the existing OEM Manufacturer website into a strategic online presence?
  • How to showcase and establish Associated Springs’ thought leadership?
  • How to create a search engine optimized content hub strategy?
  • How to develop a content marketing strategy for the new content hub?


Content Marketing Strategy and Framework

Pace Creative developed a content marketing strategy for Associated Spring, the content hub was part of our activation plan. Our strategy for the content hub was to showcase expertise and materials and have the hub act as a blog or resource section.

Our strategic web content hub strategy contained a variety of digital content such as online articles, blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, webinars, etc. We also strategized to include downloadable sales materials like spec and fact sheets, and presentations. We intended to locate this hub at insights.asbg.com.

Our content strategy prioritized making the content hub user-friendly, by making the available content accessible, allowing users to filter by content type, including featured articles, and emphasizing scalability.

Content Hub Strategy Design and Development

Pace Creative designed the wireframes and created a site map for the content hub to clearly depict the navigation of the site. The content hub provided informative articles and resources, while also displaying call-to-actions with ‘Request a Quote’ and the ‘Contact Us’ sections.

SEO Strategy

Pace Creative optimized the content hub to be SEO-friendly, and for it to be discovered through search. This was to ensure the website would rank on search engines and allow Associated Spring to establish an online presence.

Editorial Calendar

Pace Creative implemented an editorial calendar as part of our content strategy execution, to plan the content development for Associated Spring’s content hub. This editorial calendar outlined the recommended publishing schedule for the content. In addition, a production schedule was implemented. We planned when various blog posts would be published and aligned the calendar with the planned LinkedIn campaigns.

Promotion Strategy

Pace Creative developed a promotion strategy for the content hub, which entailed the use of LinkedIn ads that directed users to the content hub to download the Engineering Guide.


  • Blog posts received over 10,000 impressions per post
  • 100% increase in qualified leads each month
  • .79 LinkedIn Campaign CTR
  • 5% PPC Campaign CTR
  • Conversion rate up to 6.5%

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