Each year, BC Hydro runs a Power Smart energy campaign in partnership with retailers across the province of British Columbia including Best Buy, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, London Drugs, and Canadian Tire.

In previous years, the campaign did not reach the intended campaign goals and conversion rate. BC Hydro decided to work in close collaboration with Pace Creative to come up with an ad campaign using marketing channels such as print, OOH, online, social media, and digital channels throughout BC. This time a content marketing strategy approach would be taken into consideration.

The campaign encouraged customers to make smart energy choices. It promoted deals and rebates through retailers on energy-efficient and smart home products. Those retail products include light bulbs, fridges, washers, and dryers.

How can we improve the conversion rate of BC Hydro’s retailer campaign?

Our team needed to work within BC Hydro’s campaign brand guidelines while trying to come up with a creative concept that would stand out from past campaigns.

To create a concept within the branding and text length constraints.

Our team created 3 sample directions that followed best design practices for each channel. We aimed to present concepts that were a slightly different direction from previous campaigns to set it apart, while ensuring that BC Hydro was on board.

BC Hydro approved the Bad Idea/Good Idea concept and we expanded on this by brainstorming different copy ideas within this concept. Our team created an example of a print ad, Instagram ad, and online ad for each copy idea.

Once the art direction was approved, our team produced all 98 assets in a timely manner, and we ensured revisions were implemented within 48 hours.

Our team coordinated the final ad deliverables with the correct media partners for trafficking and printing.

The OOH ads were located at bus stops and directed at pedestrians walking by, people waiting for the bus, bikers riding by, and drivers passing by in their cars.

Print ads were printed in local newspapers across BC and were directed at commuters, pedestrians, and other consumers reading the newspaper.

Online and Digital ads had an estimated 8,656 impressions and were directed at consumers on mobile and desktop.

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