BD is a global medical technology (MedTech) company that develops innovative solutions to improve medical discovery and the delivery of care. In November 2018, as part of its commitment to help facilities create a sustainable hazardous drug monitoring program, BD partnered with Pace Creative to develop a mobile application that assesses the risk of exposure and contamination for hazardous drugs throughout their life cycle, from their time of delivery to a healthcare setting to their ultimate use and disposal.

As BD identified opportunities to gain market share in the hazardous drug testing sector, they wanted a way for sales representatives to easily connect with customers and assess their hazardous drug testing program needs.

The challenge that the client faced was that healthcare facilities were not using the HD Check system on a consistent basis. With the creation of an easy-to-use application, BD was able to facilitate their sales team’s ability to easily create custom HD testing protocols for existing and potential clients.

Pace Creative’s previous experience in healthcare marketing and mobile application deployment strategy contributed to the success of this project, and helped bring the client’s visions to life.

The application, which follows mobile application design and app development best practices, has been particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic!

How to create a mobile application that integrates app development best practices in user research, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI) that BD sales representatives can use with customers to assess their hazardous drug testing program needs?

How to create a mobile MedTech application that would include a custom report function for the customer’s monitoring program, complete with the type and cost of each medical device?

BD wanted the report to be editable in real-time so that BD sales representatives could work with customers to tailor the monitoring program to the healthcare facility’s needs and budget.

Working closely with BD’s healthcare marketing team, we completed a site map and workflow to show how the customer and sales representative could move through the application to receive their final hazardous drug monitoring program assessment report.

We wrote the content for each page, using location and area names for testing purposes, and included the calculations logic that BD provided.

Following BD’s brand guidelines, we designed the UI (user interface) of the application, making sure that calls to action stood out while maintaining BD’s professional look and feel.

Part of our mobile application deployment strategy was to have BD sales representatives testing each phase of the program and provided feedback.
We facilitated the comprehensive testing procedures using a downloadable test app and worked with BD to launch the application on their app store.

Version 1 of the mobile application was launched and presented at the BD sales conference in May 2019!

Pace Creative completed a sell sheet and a microsite with a series of training videos explaining to BD sales team how to properly use the application.

Based on user feedback, Pace Creative and BD undertook a Version 2 which was released in September 2019.
Version 2 included improvements in UX and UI that sales representatives identified while using Version 1.

The application was so well received by the BD US team that they enlisted Pace Creative to create localized versions with content updates, UX/UI updates, and in some cases, translations.
Localizations include: BD Canada (English and French), BD Western Europe, BD Japan, and BD New Zealand and Australia.

BD and Pace Creative also created a desktop version of the mobile application, so that customers could access the application online by way of a public domain.

Pace Creative works in close collaboration with BD as an agency partner with multiple BD divisions on the development and localizations of new mobile applications as well as on other new MedTech custom software development, video production and strategic design initiatives.

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