Charli is a software company that focuses on Intelligent Automation for a connected workforce, streamlining day-to-day tasks in the workplace that consume a lot of administration time. Charli, a revolutionary app, is the chief of “stuff”. Charli combines workflow automation, organizational wizardry and search engine capabilities all in one, to help business owners and freelancers stay organized.

Sandra, VP of Growth Revenue and her team collaborated with Pace Creative on a dynamic animated marketing video for the launch of their CharliAI app. This animation highlighted how it could benefit small business owners in real world examples. The sophisticated yet approachable design enabled users to quickly understand product features and be enticed by its potential value.


views generated


increase in LinkedIn engagement


increase in Twitter followers


Introducing the new app in its beta phase, CharliAI wanted to create an animated marketing video to beef up their content marketing stack. This approach of storytelling enabled Charli to reach, connect and engage with more potential users while increasing brand recognition.

  • How do we convey the daily admin challenges business owners and freelancers face?
  • How do we write a video script that resonate with B2B and B2C business owners?
  • How can we attract the attention of viewers and interest them in the product?
  • How do we incorporate CharliAI’s branding in the animated marketing video while also explaining the complex SaaS specs?


Animated Marketing Video Plan

Thanks to our insightful research into Charli’s target audience and demographics, we were able to create a successful B2B video marketing strategy that engaged with their specific business needs.

User-Centric Research

By gathering data and researching admin tasks that business owners typically dedicate their time to, we were able to gain invaluable insight into the pain points Charli can solve. Our user case illustrates how businesses of all kinds could benefit from using Charli’s streamlined solutions in order to improve both work efficiency and life satisfaction in a single day.

Digital Storytelling Strategy

Business owners are often overwhelmed by the daily grind of managing, coordinating and organizing admin tasks – this can be a source of significant pain. Our data-driven story aims to tackle that issue head-on: with an engaging visual user case B2B video derived from detailed customer journey mapping, viewers connect with the story in a meaningful way.


  • Generating a couple of hundred views, the animated marketing video presents Charli as a tailored solution to the everyday problems of business owners using AI technology.
  • CharliAI saw a 3% increase in LinkedIn engagement and 5% increase in Twitter followers.
  • The animated user case video follows best practices for video marketing and, despite being created prior to the Charli AI re-brand, the video aligns with Charli’s B2B video marketing strategy.

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