With Charli AI, a new SaaS technology, businesses can optimize workflows and maximize efficiency with just a few clicks. This innovative SaaS technology automates tedious tasks across digital platforms to save time otherwise spent on laborious administrative jobs – making life simpler for everyday users.

Pace Creative partnered with Charli to produce a product launch video designed to effectively market the new technology using story telling. The all-encompassing B2B marketing video displays efficiently the business problem the technology solves in a way that is easy for potential investors, business-to-business (B2B), and business-to consumer customers (B2C) alike, to understand. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with other digital content initiatives as part of the product launch campaign across web platforms.


increase in LinkedIn engagement


views right after launch


increase in LinkedIn followers


Crafting stories that tap into the unique challenges faced by business owners can be daunting. However, through a combination of creativity and research, it is possible to create tales which capture their struggles in an engaging way. To support the launch of the user acquisition website, CharliAI decided to create a unique product launch video.

  • How to create a story that resonates with business owners’ daily challenges?
  • How to write a product launch video script that addresses business owners’ pain points?
  • How to present CharliAI’s technology as the right solution for B2B and B2C business owners?
  • How to make CharliAI stand out as a leading tech company?


Product Launch Video Strategy

Charli’s brand can create an emotional connection with customers, expressing the product brand message in a unique and compelling way. Using video storytelling with strategically selected promotional channels, Charli can truly stand out in the digital landscape.

Storytelling Approach

To make sure our B2B video content and visuals were impactful, we applied a storytelling technique that carefully wove together with the customer’s journey of business owners.

Audience Research

Through personalized narratives, our team uncovered the true impact of wasted time on admin tasks for business owners. We crafted a compelling script that put an emotionally driven mark on business owners – leaving no doubt as to how much these mundane processes can cost them each day.

Developing the Script

Using a storytelling approach and the audience research, the script describe how business owners can simplify their workload and alleviate the day-to-day stress of mundane yet vital admin tasks. With tailored solutions for each customer’s unique situation, Charli makes understanding administrative pain points easier than ever before—leading businesses towards increased efficiency and productivity.

Social Media Marketing

As part of the go-to market launch, the product launch video was used trade shows and on social media channels to create brand awareness and generate a pre-launch buzz.


  • Over 15 likes per LinkedIn post
  • 37% bounce rate
  • Over 1500 followers on LinkedIn
  • 10+ MQLs signed each week
  • Check out the animated product launch video below!

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