CharliAI is a new SaaS product that helps improve work efficiency and streamlines workflow by automating tasks across digital platforms. Charli saves users time on manual and administrative tasks that are tedious and repetitive.

To ensure a successful launch of this new technology, Pace Creative worked closely with Charli’s executive team to produce an animated user guide. The final product – a B2B marketing video – is clear, concise, and showcases the features and benefits for potential investors, B2B and B2C customers. It also aligns with Charli’s other digital content marketing efforts and will be implemented on the new website as part of the product launch campaign.


  • How to clearly understand business owners and their daily challenges?
  • How to write a video script that targets B2B and B2C business owners and addresses their specific pain points?
  • How to clearly convey the benefits and present the new Charli technology as the right solution for B2B and B2C business owners?
  • How to use the B2B marketing video to highlight and make Charli stand out as a tech company?


  • We used a design thinking approach when creating the B2B video marketing strategy, making sure that the video’s flow was consistent with the customer’s journey.
  • We conducted research into Charli AI’s business owner audience to develop a script that resonated with them and the problems they could be currently facing.
  • We wrote a script that presented Charli AI as a tailored solution to the everyday problems of business owners, creating a more streamlined process of doing mundane but important and necessary tasks.
  • The animated video was used as part of a brand awareness campaign to generate a pre-launch buzz for Charli’s brand to stand out on social media channels and other spaces online.


Check out the animated product explainer video:

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