CharliAI is a start-up SaaS technology company that focuses on Automated Intelligence for a connected workforce, streamlining day-to-day tasks in the workplace that consume a lot of administration time. Charli, the headless CMS product, is the chief of “stuff” and an organization wizard, working to automate workflow and function as a search engine all in one. This helps streamline business owners and freelancers, and overall help them save time.

We helped CharliAI maximize their customer acquisition strategies by helping them develop their strategic user acquisition website.

Check out the newly launched headless CMS website: www.charli.ai

How to develop a user-acquisition website for the launch of a SaaS technology in the Beta phase?

As a new company, CharliAI's executive team wanted to invest in a strategic website to optimize its online presence.

The CEO of CharliAI, Kevin, hired Pace Creative as an agency partner to transform their 1-page landing page website into a strategic user acquisition website using state-of-the-art website technologies.

We created strategic insights from personas and customer journeys that matched CharliAI to into messaging for the strategic lead generation website.

As the first touchpoint for onboarding and user acquisition, the website targets individual users and managers of teams and/or departments and optimized to accommodate additional audiences.

Pace Creative designed a website that is:
• Streamline navigation that follows website best practices.
• Include user-friendly WCAG guidelines.
• A design that is dynamic, scalable, flexible, and enhanced for CharliAI’s key audiences and brand.
• Content that is set-up for earned SEO that will strengthen CharliAI’s position on search engines.
• Calls to action throughout the site that are strategically placed to improve results.

The website is developed using a headless CMS. We combined Gatsby and WordPress to optimize the website’s online performance.

The strategic user-acquisition website led to CharliAI’s KPIs consistently being met since launch in September 2020.

Since the launch of the new website to attract leads and communicate CharliAI’s new brand, online goals have been met, generating more leads. A recent Segment report shows that the website has generated a total of 185,330 API’s!

CharliAI’s new user-acquisition website is also an award-winning website.
Read more about it here: https://creativepace.com/resources/blog/pace-creative-winner-2021-web-excellence-award/

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