The Collingwood BIA represents retailers and residents in the Collingwood neighbourhood in Vancouver. Since its foundation in 1891, Collingwood has been associated with transportation. Canada’s first electric tram connected downtown Vancouver to New Westminster, with Collingwood between them. Our logo design explores the historical influence of transportation in the neighbourhood.

The growth and development of the area was strengthened by the many Asian families and businesses in the area. Red influenced the logo, as it symbolizes good luck in many Asian cultures and was significant to Victorian Gardens, which were popular in the area in the 40s and 50s.

The Collingwood BIA wanted to refresh their brand to better align with the positioning of the neighborhood as of today.

Collingwood is an inclusive neighborhood and is one of the oldest districts in Vancouver, with many historical buildings and a strong community that is proud of its heritage.

The logo was last designed in 2007. In an effort to update it, the Collingwood BIA updated the design in 2012 using internal resources.

The Collingwood BIA wanted to build brand equity, instead of focusing on their tagline. With the board’s approval, Pace Creative worked within the BIA’s small budget, without missing any steps of the branding process, to conduct creative and market research.
This dictated the creative direction, which included a custom font and bicycle. The font needed to symbolize inclusiveness yet be dynamic.

We explored this bicycle concept and created logo concepts with a contemporary look and feel, while also representing Collingwood’s history.

Our research showed that the community feels strongly connected to the historical landmarks within the neighborhood. We decided to use the penny farthing bicycle, a vintage icon.

To build a stronger brand, our team complemented the logo with unique illustrations of the landmarks within the Collingwood neighborhood.

Our illustrations also included various types of transportation, expanding on our use of the bicycle concept and connecting to the historical importance of transportation.

Once the brand was approved by the BIA board of directors, Pace Creative developed a brand style guide.

For the roll-out, we first launched the logo for businesses, the board, and the different stakeholders. We then integrated the logo throughout the marketing materials cohesively and consistently. The logo was launched in October 2018 with custom stationary.

The banners and newsletter were revealed in November 2018.

Other materials to come will include tote bags, which will be made from upcycled Collingwood BIA banners. Member retailers will be able to give the bags to their customers.

The Collingwood BIA’s brand will be passed along in this environmentally friendly way.

Pace Creative will continue the second phase of the roll-out focusing on online, video, and digital.

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