Coreio is an IT company that provides enterprise-scale services. Coreio takes care of their clients’ digital transformation – doing more for less, mitigating security risks and expediting time to market. With years of experience and passion for the IT industry, Coreio brings value to their clients by providing customized IT infrastructure and operations solutions to address top IT challenges.

With Coreio’s new partnership with Microsoft for their Digital Workplace solution, Coreio wanted to create an inbound marketing campaign that consisted of developing an IT lead generation strategy. To develop the campaign, we started by doing some research and presented an IT content marketing strategy. Afterwards, we developed a strategic digital workplace landing page and crafted a content strategy for their white paper to help get new leads. This white paper included educational content, explaining how Coreio can help companies transform their existing workplace into a secure Digital Workplace, based on data and research.

How to develop a campaign that generates leads for an IT service – effectively promoting Coreio’s digital workplace solutions and services?

Coreio wanted to attract hot leads and interests with their new partnership and product: the Digital Workplace.

The CTO of Coreio, Stephan, hired Pace Creative as an agency partner to spearhead their lead generation campaign, using Pace Creative’s expertise to attract leads and increase ROI.

Pace Creative developed and implemented a landing page strategy for the Digital Workplace partnership with Microsoft using insights from personas and customer journeys.

The strategic user-acquisition landing page conveyed the modern workplace in a way that is user-centric, showing the true value of the Digital Workplace from their point of view.

Pace Creative designed a landing page that is:
• Streamlined and has user-friendly and user-centric navigation that follows website best practices and WCAG guidelines.
• Calls to action and service benefits throughout the Digital Workplace s.

Pace Creative also developed a thorough digital content marketing strategy, equipping Coreio with an online presence and content to meet their lead generation goals.

The strategic user-acquisition landing page and content marketing strategy led to an increase in consistent lead generation and awareness about Coreio’s partnership with Microsoft.

Coreio has received 7 MQLs so far! The campaign is a success!

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