Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is a non-profit organization financed by all dairy farmers in the province. They are committed to supporting and representing the best interests of all Manitoba dairy farmers at the provincial and national level.

They needed a full brand and website design refresh to take better advantage of their online presence. Since they update their website frequently with events, news, and new recipes, they needed a streamlined and user-friendly website design and development.


new visitors in 1 month


increase in average minutes spent on website


of users acquired through social channels


Dairy Farmers of Manitoba wanted a user-friendly website that was less dense in content and would rank on Google. They wanted to clearly communicate their services to different users. Initially, DFM’s website had 360 pages with repetitive content and didn’t rank on Google. With Pace Creative and Humanity’s help, we would develop their website and branding.

  • How to develop a user-friendly, easy-to-maintain website for DFM?
  • How to develop content for the website that is engaging, consistent, and targets different users?
  • How to create a strategic sitemap for the website?
  • How to identify key personas to help with DFM’s branding?


Strategic Sitemap

Pace Creative started by creating a strategic sitemap that included all the necessary sections and was designed to lead users through the content to lead them to The Dairy Farmers of Manitoba’s main focuses – events, membership, and programs.

The sitemap conveyed the journey for each stakeholder focusing on the usability and flow of the content on each page and across the different sections of the website

Identifying Key Personas

We made the website user-focused, and our team identified key personas and profiles that would visit the website to gather information.

Website Audit

Pace Creative audited all the information and reorganized it in a way to simplify the online journey for each stakeholder.

SEO Strategy

We educated the internal communication and marketing team on the benefits of organic SEO and how content, as well as specific keywords, can impact the overall website positively. We developed meta tags that included SEO titles, slugs, and meta descriptions for each recipe page on the DFM website.

Strategic Content Development

Pace Creative removed and streamlined all the duplicated content. The content highlighted custom Calls to Action on each page to improve the conversion rate, reduce the bounce rate, and ensure the content flow was logical.  The new content focused on community stories and videos to create content that resonates with farmers.

Brand and Website Design

We partnered with Humanity to develop a bold look for the website while following the brand style guide and brand architecture. They designed the website while we implemented the designs into development.


  • The client loved the brand and website design refresh.
  • They find it very easy to update on a regular basis.
  • By looking at the Google Analytics, we can see that users find the site easy to use and navigate.
  • Digital campaigns have been promoting specific programs, brand awareness campaigns and events successfully.

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