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DBH Law is a mid-sized law firm that has been in business in Calgary for over 17 years. Their motto, “We think law. We talk business.” illustrates their focus on corporate law. DBH, who had relied on word of mouth and referral business, had never operated with a marketing plan prior to working with Pace Creative. In addition to an overall lack of brand awareness, the company’s website and marketing assets had not been refreshed in over 5 years.

How could DBH capitalize on a marketing strategy to not only maintain market share, but grow their business as well?

Pace Creative started the process by developing a brand strategy that identified business goals, key messaging based on the firm’s unique positioning, and specific KPIs for success based on DBH’s business goals.

Our branding process also involves developing personas, customer journeys, and a competitive analysis.

From there we developed a mood board to represent the DBH Law brand personality.

Once the DBH Law Partners selected a direction, we worked on developing logo options that aligned with the communication strategy.

The DBH partners selected the strongest logo concept presented and we developed the color palette.

Our team created the brand architecture based on the print marketing tactics used by DBH Law.

With initial branding complete, Pace Creative moved on to optimizing the site map for the new website, developing the content for it, and designing a strategic website with a blog and customized calls to action to help with lead generation.

We set up all the social media channels, specifically LinkedIn and Twitter. The purpose was to use these channels to gain new brand awareness and engage with existing clients.

Upon launch of the website, we optimized it and created a strong SEO foundation. We then developed lead generation campaigns to drive users to the site.

The brand and website have helped DBH meet all their business goals. In fact, the new brand has helped create a unique personality for the law firm in Calgary, built brand awareness for the firm online, and supported the recruitment process by attracting younger talent to join the firm.

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