Exciting shifts are occurring in the world of SYSPRO ERP and Salesforce integration. Dominic Systems (smartly) wanted like to benefit from so they came to us for a strategic outbound marketing campaign.

With their new dealer program launching, they wanted to take advantage of the digital world to attract dealers and generate leads. They came to Pace Creative looking for an immersive email campaign to launch this program, before taking it global in the following quarter.


average open rate per email


dealer conversions per month


months to turn the dealer program global


Dominic Systems is on a mission to dominate the market before any new competitors enter the scene. As part of their strategy, they plan to launch a dealer program in collaboration with SYSPRO ERP partners. The program would incentivize partners to sell the SYPRO Connector for Dynamics 365 or Salesforce to their clients by offering a commission.

Dominic Systems already has a targeted list of potential dealers’ company names and key email addresses on hand, giving them a head start in executing their plan. With this innovative approach, Dominic Systems aims to cement their position as the go-to solution provider in the industry.

  • What would entice SYSPRO ERP dealers to join Dominic’s Dealer Program?
  • What support Dominic needs to provide Dealers to help secure more business?
  • How can an email campaign be enticing and not just inbox clutter?


SYSPRO ERP Marketing Strategy

To ensure success, our team crafted a dynamic and comprehensive marketing strategy and marketing plan to amplify the SYSPRO ERP dealer program at every step of the customer journey. With an emphasis on cross-channel promotion, a diverse array of targeted marketing assets will spark crucial brand recognition, guide prospective buyers toward a purchase, and continue to provide essential support post-sale. This strategy is designed to ensure the dealer program gains long-lasting success and maintains a high level of dealer satisfaction.

Strategic Email Campaign

One aspect of the content marketing strategy is crafting a dynamic email series to woo dealers into our program. The series cleverly kicks off with a personalized message containing juicy background information. What follows is a customized string of emails that drip with just the right balance of promotion and persuasion, strategically targeting those who have shown interest and ignoring those who haven’t quite taken the bait yet.

Dealer Playbook

To support dealers with making sales to customers, a dealer playbook was developed to present the features dealers can customize with their own brand. The playbook includes a step-by-step campaign that dealer can implement easily and with very little resources.


  • 77% open rate on average per email sent
  • Convert 3 dealers conversations per month
  • Turned dealer program global after 4 months

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