The EOR Alliance is a partnership between the leading experts in the enhanced oil recovery field: IFP Energies Nouvelles (Research and Development), Solvay (Chemicals), and Beicip Franlab (Software). The work of the EOR Alliance is promoted through representatives around the world, such as IFP Canada. These local representatives identify local oil companies who could benefit from the EOR Alliance’s technologies and then work to make the connections happen.

Pace Creative developed a strategy focused for marketing for engineering firms that would better align the EOR Alliance’s content to appeal to prospects on their website!


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MQLs per month with organic SEO


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The EOR Alliance wanted to refocus the website on what they can do for prospects, and educate the types of enhanced oil recovery services, which can help cater to the awareness stages and through a joint effort drive more leads to IFP and other local representatives.

  • How to communicate this complicated relationship simply?
  • How to create a website for the EOR Alliance that compliments the websites of the local reps, but without duplicating content?
  • How to create synergy so that the EOR Alliance website could refer users to take the next step with local rep company?
  • What other marketing assets would be needed to help close the deals?


Strategic Marketing for Engineering Firms

In developing a comprehensive custom marketing strategy, one that would target customers, Pace Creative first conducted a business review to include an industry analysis and competitive analysis to gain a better understanding of the business challenge EOR Alliance solves.

We then tunnelled down to developing personas, themes, and the customer journey to understand the audience. Finally, we created a content marketing strategy and a tactical mix to highlight EOR Alliance’s unique research through their drug creation process with potential customers – which are a total of 75 companies in the Americas. With a strong foundation, we moved on to developing targeted content to be used across all communication channels.

Content Marketing Strategy

After bringing our digital content to the forefront and perfectly pairing it with a powerful messaging strategy, we integrated the design elements found in both print and promotional materials for full alignment.

Once we had the digital assets and messaging in place, we aligned the messaging and design to the print and promotional assets we had identified in the content strategy.

The storytelling needed:

  • Print ads
  • Tradeshow booths
  • Fact sheets
  • Solutions brochure
  • Promotional plans

Strategic Website Development

At the start of the journey, we designed and programmed the website for the EOR Alliance. This website was focused on identifying potential customers’ needs, leading them to possible solutions, and then guiding them to take the next step with a local representative.

Once the customer has been introduced to the local rep, needs to shift. As such, we centred the content and design for the IFP Canada website on the information a customer would need during the pre-feasibility analysis phase; including an easy guide on how to get started with IFP Canada. We also linked the IFP Canada site to the EOR Alliance site with a secondary navigation bar so that the prospect could still explore all the different challenges, solutions, and academic papers available from the EOR Alliance, without duplicating all this content again on each local site.


The EOR Alliance has received positive feedback on the overall strategy developed using our marketing for engineering firms experience.

  • The website which integrates social media, best practices for web design, mobile compatibility, and effective calls to action has helped the Business Development team schedule 85% more client meetings in the US, Canada, and Latin America in 2014.
  • IFP Canada and the EOR Alliance have received 40% more attendance from targeted leads at tradeshows and have received 60% more interest at conferences attended.
  • Since the website was launched there have been over one thousand downloads of an industry paper from the IFP Canada website, which was previously not downloaded at all. More peers are accessing IFP Canada, presenting IFP Canada as an industry leader.
  • IFP Canada increased its sales 2X from 2013 to 2014.
  • Free media coverage, invitations to guest blog, appearances as speakers in industry events.
  • Increased brand awareness from organic brand reach.

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