E*TRADE Financial Services is a leading financial services company in the USA. E*Trade is a leader at providing best-in-class stock plan administration technology. E*TRADE Financial Services ranks as the #1 platform for the last 8 years.

What makes E*TRADE stand out is their “tech-first” competitive advantage? Our team focused on that strength to create a digital account-based marketing (ABM) strategy and campaign. Our target is only new prospects.

As part of the digital ABM campaign, our team presented novelty technologies. The main purpose is brand awareness. The augmented reality (AR) technology and AR experience is what appeared to be most in line with the E*TRADE overall brand.

How can we create a direct mail ABM campaign that will positively impact E*TRADE's high-potential prospects?

The goal was to create a curated promotional experience that communicated E*TRADE’s key messaging in a unique yet engaging way.

E*TRADE wanted to strategically send targeted prospects a technology-driven gift that leveraged leading-edge technology to parallel their specialized online trading solutions.

Based on the theme of the campaign and E*TRADE’s business, the client felt that an AR experience aligned best with the campaign’s concept.

The augmented reality campaign had many touchpoints and used different channels to ensure clear messaging and a seamless user experience!

Our team conducted research on the best-augmented reality glasses to meet the overall campaign goals.

Our team followed best practices for augmented reality, such as background opacity, automated transitions, and an auto-launch. Our goal was to ensure a smooth user experience regardless of the prospects’ surrounding environment or comfort with new technology.

We divided the campaign into three phases:
Phase 1 - Teaser piece
Phase 2 - Direct mail package
Phase 3 - Follow Up

The teaser piece gave prospects a preview of what they would receive in the direct mail package. The teaser also included an engaging hidden message card.

The direct mail package involved gifting the interactive augmented reality experience to the high-potential prospects. We implemented the app and video on the glasses and packed them in the branded box.

The box included a printed instructional infographic on how to use the glasses and app.

CTAs were used throughout each phase of the campaign to capture leads, and Phase 3 included a follow up to keep leads engaged.

The project was completed with such success that all details were streamlined to ensure repeated execution of the campaign on a quarterly basis.

Our team was asked to repurpose the app for the annual E*TRADE Financial Services conference.

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