FirstMate is a growing Canadian manufacturer of cat and dog food. One of their major differentiators is their use of a Vacuum Infusion System (VIS) in the production of their high quality canned and kibble pet food diets. FirstMate needed a way to explain their use of this innovative and specialized technology in the manufacturing process to viewers. FirstMate invested in this new technology for the added nutritional value and benefits.


As part of their digital strategy, FirstMate wanted to create an animated explainer video using illustrated 2D animations to describe the VIS.

The video explains the food processing methodology to existing customers and potential clients. The purpose is build credibility and trust in the brand, as well as overcome objections from extremely conscious pet food owners. The video needed to communicate clearly to viewers how FirstMate’s manufacturing system benefits their pet’s health.


Pace Creative worked in close collaboration with FirstMate to identify the need to develop a video. We developed the video content and ensured that the script combined with the on-screen text and complemented the visual cues.

Our creative team developed the art direction and custom illustrations for the video. The look and feel is in line with FirstMate’s overall brand strategy.

We had fun designing new elements to keep the characters, objects, and images featured in the video fresh and interesting. These new elements are closely aligned with the graphic design elements and illustrations on FirstMate’s cat food and dog food packaging.

The video was launched as part of FirstMate’s marketing efforts. It was published in a format that allowed for it to be played online, on social media, and on mobile devices. The video appears on FirstMate’s website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Now, viewers can immediately access information about FirstMate’s quality and production process.


The video has accumulated over:

  • 6,400 views on Facebook
  • 54 shares on Facebook
  • over 400 views on YouTube

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