FirstMate is a family owned and operated manufacturer of cat and dog foods in Canada.

FirstMate offers a variety of quality canned and kibble pet food diets with options such as Grain Friendly, Grain Free, and Limited Ingredient Diet. Their proteins are free-run and wild caught.

Pace Creative recently redesigned a handful of FirstMate’s packaging for their canned and dry kibble pet brands. These fresh new looks were applied to only a selection of products, which resulted in an outdated look for the brand’s premium 50/50 cans.

How to refresh branding of their premium 50/50 cans to drive more buyers towards this label?

During the competitive research phase, we discovered that the common feature among the top selling premium brands was their strong use of vibrant and eye-catching colour.

Taking strong colour into consideration, our team continued to analyze the competitors’ successful premium labels to discover areas that needed optimization.

The redesigned labels are clean and vibrant, highlighting product features that are strong points of sale.

The newly designed 50/50 cans show a drastic improvement in comparison to the look of the old cans. The redesign has caught the attention of retailers and customers, improving overall brand awareness.

The updated designs now truly reflect the value of FirstMate's 50/50 cans, standing out among competitors' cans on the shelf.

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