FoodChek Laboratories Inc. is a state-of-the-art biotechnology research and development laboratory specializing in the development and validation of methods that detect microbial pathogens. Actero™ is a universal, accurate and cost-effective method of food safety pathogen testing that exponentially reduces test and hold times in food production.

FoodChek wanted to create an engaging educational sales tool that highlights data-driven information about Actero™. The use of Actero™ within labs improves efficiencies by increasing the volume of tests completed each day. Pace Creative wanted to help develop the best interactive experience for FoodChek. The experience was launched online as part of a lead generation campaign. The virtual lab simulation was then repurposed as a VR application in controlled environments such as events, healthcare industry conferences, industry-specific tradeshows and investor meetings.

The 3D virtual lab simulation helps viewers explore the lab from their home. As you enter the experience, you learn how Actero™ ELITE Enrichment Media improves workflow testing efficiencies.


  • William, the CEO, wanted to create a marketing asset to increase the adoption rate of Actero™ over time by lab directors and technicians worldwide.
  • How do you effectively demonstrate to lab management and technicians how Actero™ improves the workflow testing efficiencies of labs?


  • Create and develop a 3D virtual lab simulation that is interactive, unique, and includes relevant content and can be repurposed for multiple channels and languages.
  • The 3D virtual lab simulation tool guided lab technicians and management on the importance and benefits of Actero™ for a lab’s operations.
  • The virtual lab simulation is built on a dynamic platform that not only provided the best interactive and educative experience to the target audience but can be evolved over time through the addition of new tools, videos or PDFs, based on user experience.


  • The 3D virtual lab simulation is found online and generates over demo 4 requests each month by MQLs.
  • The 3D lab is repurposed as a virtual reality app that generates interest and increases demand generation at an event.

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