Genentech, a pioneering biotechnology company, is recognized for its expertise in discovering, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing life-saving medicines for patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions.

The Managed Care Medical Communications (MCMC), a vital specialty function within the Medical Affairs Organization, expertly conveys essential clinical and economic evidence on Genentech’s marketed products to key decision-makers in the healthcare ecosystem. This includes managed care organizations, public and private payers, pharmacy benefit managers, specialty pharmacies, and other similar entities, as well as providers seeking medical information to alleviate reimbursement challenges.

To maintain their industry positioning, Genentech came to us for a strategic refresh using our healthcare branding strategies.


qualified leads per month


revenue growth each year


increase in website visitors


Genentech’s rapid growth through multiple acquisitions led to challenges in maintaining cohesive brand strategies, resulting in internal teams being unfamiliar with the Managed Care Medical Communications (MCMC) division and its services. This lack of clarity led to confusion and missed opportunities.

Genentech sought to create a brand strategy that would enable stakeholders to understand the three distinct units within the MCMC division, each providing unique services, roles, and value propositions.

To resolve this, Pace Creative collaborated with Genentech to design a targeted communication strategy using healthcare branding strategies.

  • How can we differentiate each unit within the Managed Care division while maintaining harmony with Genentech’s overarching brand identity?
  • What communication channels will be most effective in reaching and engaging our target audience, including internal stakeholders and external partners?
  • How can we measure the success of the new brand messaging?
  • What key performance indicators (KPIs) should we track to ensure continuous improvement?


Selection of Healthcare Branding Strategies

Pace Creative collaborated with Genentech to design a targeted communication strategy for each unit within the division, based on the insights gathered. Our recommendation focused on developing a cohesive brand for the Managed Care division, refining the overall communication strategy and overarching brand for the entire Managed Care division.

Brand Architecture

To ensure the successful launch of the new brand messaging, Pace Creative established the brand image to be memorable and clear to all Genentech stakeholders. Our designer lead developed a new brand architecture that included a logo, a brand style guide, marketing materials as well as the annual report. The key to the brand architecture is the consistency of the messaging across all marketing channels.

Brand Promotion

We developed a series of supporting collateral to educate stakeholders about the MCMC team’s importance, keeping personnel informed about various communication tools and activities, and guiding them on proper engagement methods.


  • 4 core results identified by the client include: enhanced brand clarity, increased collaboration, improved stakeholder engagement, and measurable impact of the KPIs.
  • The healthcare branding strategies used include a clear positioning statement to resonate with each stakeholder at Genentech, a comprehensive brand style guide and fully-fledge marketing materials to establish the brand architecture.
  • Successful creation of the content and design templates for marketing materials as well as the annual report to promote the MCMC division internally.
  • 2-3 qualified leads month after month from other divisions to help serve Genentech’s existing clients.
  • + 40% Revenue Growth YoY.

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