Glassworld was founded in 1986 and has established itself as one of the largest players in the glass manufacturing market in Western Canada. Glassworld designs, manufactures, sells and installs a wide variety of custom bathroom products.

The company is very niche and is a leader in its industry. For the past decade, the leadership team has invested in the manufacturing plant with the purchase of new equipment robotic technology.

In 2020, Glassworld wanted to update to a professional website design so that it’s more representative with the company’s leadership in the glass manufacturing market. As new builders are entering the real estate residential market, they wanted to be easy to find.

The new website’s purpose is to take advantage of organic SEO, get current clients to pay their bills online and support the recruitment of the new talent. In addition, the user experience was worked on so that the new website acts as a user-friendly product catalog. It’s easy for recurring clients to make orders using the online form.

How to market a manufacturing company?
How to make a product catalog searchable?
How to develop a user-friendly product catalog while generating organic searches?

Our online B2B manufacturing marketing strategy had 3 distinct goals:
• Improve corporate buyers understanding of Glassword’s product offerings
• Increase awareness amongst business owners of Glassworld products
• Support recruiting efforts in a very specialized industry

Pace Creative worked with Glassworld’s visionary marketing and executive team to develop and execute an B2B manufacturing marketing strategy that focused on the client’s journey.

To make Glassworld the go-to shower stalls, shower bases and tubs manufacturer in Western Canada, we focused our effort on the site map, user experience, and the flow of the website content.

The content clearly communicates key branding messages, organizing the different bathroom related product lines to make it user-centric, while keeping earned SEO a focus.

Our methodology focuses on manufacturing content marketing
as playing a key role in improving organic search results, driving new users to the site, while increasing online pre-set orders and returning clients orders.

Some functionalities include: Online payments, image gallery for inspiration, product catalog, online order forms, career page, and design and builder resources.

Conversions are not the main driver, as the product is highly technical. Corporate buyers visit the website to buy the same models. Clients such as architects looking for a customized piece would need to speak with an inside sales representative.

The website was launched at the end of the first wave of COVID-19 in Canada. Great timing to shift to online marketing!

From November 2018 until November 2019, there has been a 1233% increase in followers on Facebook, 7400% increase in followers on Twitter, 37% increase in followers on LinkedIn.

Our unified and cohesive online b2b manufacturing marketing strategy contributed to a successful earned SEO putting Glassworld in the top 10 searches for keywords like: glassworld shower bases, glassworld shower stalls and glassworld bathtubs.

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