Glassworld was founded in 1986 and is one of the largest players in the custom glass manufacturing market in Western Canada. They design, manufacture, sell, and install a wide variety of custom bathroom products from generation to generation. Glassworld’s website was outdated and looked like an online brochure with old pictures, their old logo, and old brand messaging with irrelevant content. They came to us with a much needed manufacturing website design refresh in mind.

For the past decade, the leadership team has invested in state-of-the art technology such as robotic equipment has further strengthened their competitive edge – ensuring each product meets expectations while staying on top of industry trends.

Glassworld teamed up with Pace Creative to establish an online presence with a B2B manufacturing website design to establish the company’s brand and reputation, while allowing customers simple access to their product catalogue. The strategy focused on seamless user experience, optimized website design, organic SEO processes and included the best industry practices.


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Glassworld was ready to invest in a new website with a B2B manufacturing website design. The website redo needed to be strategic, follow industry best practices, include organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and contain user-friendly product catalogue optimization to make it simple easy for clients to place orders.

  • How to create a strategic manufacturing website design?
  • How to develop user-friendly product catalogue optimization?
  • How to improve understanding and awareness of Glassworld’s products using B2B brand strategy?
  • How to SEO-optimize a website to support organic search results in a specialized industry?


Developing a Manufacturing Website Design Strategy

Pace Creative worked with Glassworld’s visionary and highly motivated executive team to bring to life a customer focused B2B manufacturing marketing strategy. Through the utilization of tailored customer journey stages, we were able to ensure that their website was optimized for seamless user-friendly website experience.

A User-Friendly Website Following Customer Journey Stages

Our mission to make Glassworld the leader provider of shower stalls, shower bases and tubs manufacturer in Western Canada required a strategic website. We focused our effort on optimizing key online components such as the site map navigation, the user experience flow, and an enhanced product catalog for users seeking inspiration. In addition, we added additional functionalities like a career page to support recruiting campaigns, online payment options and handy design & builder tools so customers have everything they need at their fingertips!

Product Catalogue Optimization with SEO Content strategy

We developed content that:

  • Followed B2B brand strategy – clearly communicating key brand messages
  • Catered to customer journey stages – organizing the different product lines to make it user-centric
  • Kept an earned SEO focus to generate organic search results

This content marketing methodology enabled niche manufacturers to hit their goals effectively, drawing in new customers and improving orders. Since the product is highly technical and specialized, conversions weren’t a major priority – instead any potential custom requests were handled directly by an inside sales representative.

To serve their corporate buyers best, developing an intuitive and user-friendly website was highly important. Glassworld elevated their niche product offerings with a tailored online content marketing strategy, sparking engaging conversations to reach potential customers.


  • The website was launched at the end of the first wave of COVID-19 in Canada. Which aligned with the huge shift to online marketing.
  • From November 2018 until November 2019, there has been a 1233% increase in followers on Facebook, 7400% increase in followers on Twitter, and 37% increase in followers on LinkedIn.
  • Contributed to a successful earned SEO status, putting Glassworld in the top 10 searches for keywords such as: Glassworld shower bases, Glassworld shower stalls, and Glassworld bathtubs
  • Testimonial: “The team members at Pace Creative Group are professional, proficient, and knowledgeable. The assistance and support we received was excellent.”

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