Grifols is a global healthcare company that finds innovative ways to enhance the health and well-being of people around the world. It is an industry’s world leader due to its high focus on quality, safety, and innovation. They came to Pace Creative to carry their innovative habits from product development into their marketing and communications – shifting from basic brochures to a 3D virtual lab tour.

Grifols sells its products and services in more than 100 countries and regions and has subsidiaries in 30 of them. The company is organized into four divisions: bioscience, diagnostic, hospital, and bio supplies. With such a large scope, effective communication is of upmost importance.

Pace Creative has been working closely with the Grifols Diagnostic division since 2017 to optimize their online presence and provide digital healthcare marketing support. Check out the optimized Diagnostic website that we developed for them in 2017.

In 2018, the Grifols Procleix NAT Solutions, a leader in blood labs testing worldwide was experiencing recurring sales rejection. Pace Creative’s solution was a custom mobile 3D virtual lab application to show how Grifols’ equipment will be positioned in a lab environment and to engage prospects through every step of the sales process.


adoption rate by sales team


more leads generated at events


shorter sales cycle length


A big concern from Grifols’ prospects was not knowing how Grifols’ products will fit in the lab with the existing equipment to ensure an optimal flow of movement within the lab. They find it challenging to picture the space each medical device takes up and thus rejected Grifols’ offers. Because of this, Grifols Procleix NAT Solutions’ sales team found it imperative to have a tool to help prospects visualize the area occupied by each.

  • How to develop a visualization tool that enables Grifols’ prospects to see Grifols’ products in a realistic and interactive manner?
  • How to create a content flow within the 3D virtual lab tour that will resonate with the client’s consumer journey?
  • How to develop a 3D prototype of the Procleix NAT Solutions within the mobile medical app to show how it would function within the lab environment?
  • How to develop a mobile medical app that can be repurposed for onboarding and training for the tech lab staff?
  • How to develop a medical marketing strategy to show the benefits and features of the Procleix NAT Solutions?


Developing a User-Centric 3D Virtual Lab Application

Rather than using a sales brochure to convey product benefits, Pace Creative recommended a 3D app to visually engage Grifols’ prospects. At the heart of the app was a carefully thought-out content strategy to ensure that the app’s information adds value and engage the physicians and lab managers at every step of the usage journey. We developed a user-centric navigation within the 3D app to help the salesperson seamlessly move from one benefit or feature to another when demonstrating the lab tour. As the user moves through the app, they will see a mix of the following asset types:

  • Custom 2D and 3D animations and videos
  • 3D product illustration
  • 2D and 3D graphics and charts
  • On-screen text
  • Call outs or tool tips to help users dig into facts or details if they need them
  • Option to include other digital asset types and expand the content

The app provides realistic graphics – we created 3D illustrations and the accuracy of each component is absolute.

Using the 3D Virtual Lab App for Internal Onboarding and Training

Pace Creative developed the app with our client’s long-term benefits in mind. As the app supplies realistic and accurate graphics while providing relevant information and specifications, it can be repurposed for onboarding and training purposes.


  • The ROI on this tool has been exceptional as it reduces the sales cycle length. It has been adopted as a crucial digital asset when meeting clients in-person to help convert sales since 2019.
  • The 3D mobile medical app has been as a lead generation tool at industry trade shows and events, both in-person and virtual.
  • The 3D mobile app has been successfully repurposed for training and onboarding processes.
  • The 3D app and tour content answer each potential sales question or concern thanks to a user-centric experience and considerations of the consumer journey.
  • The 3D app has seen a 100% adoption rate by the medical device sales, resulting in additional versions in French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Mandarin.

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