Hitachi Vantara is a leader in connecting digital industrial capability with data. They help forward-thinking enterprises use their data to drive profit and gain a competitive advantage.

Some of Hitachi Vantara’s solutions include data storage, protection, enrichment, activation, and analytics. The company offers custom solutions that result in businesses improving their customer experience while minimizing cost, and increasing productivity.

As a thought leader, Pace Creative is working with Hitachi Vantara as an agency partner. Together we developed the Enterprise Cost Search Calculator.

The interactive calculator is an online inbound lead generation tool as part of their digital marketing strategy and lead generation campaign.

The online calculator acts as a landing page to target the brand awareness of the customer journey. It includes valuable content to target a specific audience while keeping in mind earned search engine optimization (SEO). It is also a conversation starter to help Hitachi Vantara qualify leads and improves conversion rates through, customized calls to action. And, with the form’s integration with Marketo, the lead nurturing process is seamlessly initiated.

How can we help companies see how long their staff were searching for and enriching data, and how much that time spent costs?

Hitachi Vantara wanted to design and develop an Enterprise Search Cost Calculator – the main piece of content in an integrated lead generation campaign based on “Enterprise Search”.

This project came with the additional challenge of working within an ion interactive template.

Rather than promote a single solution, Hitachi Vantara wanted to gather meaningful data that would help them determine which of their solutions would benefit the customer most.

Hitachi Vantara sought an opportunity to have in-depth discussions with potential customers about their data management practices.

With a strategic approach, our team worked on the design, development, output, and logic of the calculator, and mastered ion interactive.

Experience has taught us how best to make a calculator or assessment tool inviting to users, so we were sure to draw on that experience when creating the data inputs.

Our designs were on-brand, clear, and intuitive – allowing users to easily complete the calculations and get their report.

We collaborated closely with Hitachi Vantara and ion interactive to lay out and design the custom shareable report.

At each step, we created the calculator with rebranding and localizations in mind, ensuring these would be quick and easy to implement should Hitachi Vantara choose.

For a few quick and easy inputs, users get a big output in their custom report – the total time and money lost to Enterprise Searches, as well as a clear path to engage with a Hitachi Vantara representative.

As part of their lead generation campaign, Hitachi Vantara launched the calculator on their website.

The calculator was well received, with numerous respondents.

Dell wanted to take advantage of the calculator too, so in a separate initiative in collaboration with Hitachi Vantara and Dell, we rebranded it for Dell.

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