IQVIA, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, is a global leader in the use of big data, technology, and advanced analytics in the healthcare industry. Their Human Data Science initiative combines health science and data science to help researchers and developers in the healthcare sector better predict the needs of patients. This way, healthcare companies can maximize their return on investment.

As one pillar of a lead generation campaign, IQVIA wanted to create a custom interactive infographic to promote their various marketing optimization services.

Among various other content options, Pace Creative agreed that developing an interactive infographic was an excellent choice.

The infographic targets healthcare companies working in research and development to offer them a way to better market their drugs.

Our team conducted a fair amount of independent research on the marketing optimization services IQVIA offers. The goal was to fully understand the purpose of the services, their main benefits, and their value to the healthcare industry.

Our team started the process by creating a content strategy around the concept for the lead generation campaign.

The information had to be accurate, easy to read, and flow as a story. This ensured that viewers were not overwhelmed by the data and statistics.

Instead of working with a template or tool, such as ION Interactive, our team designed a custom infographic from scratch to fit IQVIA’s brand and messaging, and to accurately reflect the technology.

Our design team worked in close collaboration with IQVIA’s branding team to make sure that the new asset would follow IQVIA’s style guide

We repurposed the graphics from the “input” section of the “how to target the right HCPs” section of the infographic. First, the broken-up circle lists the analytics, then an arrow points to the circle after it’s come together, then an arrow points to the circle sliding behind the graph.

The main objective is for users to reach the bottom of the infographic page and fill out the ‘Contact Us’ call to action form.

A link to the infographic was also implemented on IQVIA’s webpage, allowing visitors to easily find information about their promotion optimization services.

The project was completed in less than 8 weeks.

The project was so successful that Pace Creative created a second infographic for IQVIA promoting their Multi-Indication Split product.

Stay tuned for more about this project!

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