JSF Technologies designs and manufactures high-quality solar-powered LED-equipped traffic safety devices. Some of the products JSF Technologies manufactures include pedestrian-activated crosswalk systems, programmable school zone beacons, 24-hour flashing signs, and LED-embedded signs. JSF has been largely reliant on their catalog and brochure designs to help them with their product marketing, sales, and client relations. A new manufacturing brochure design was important to keep growing their business.

JSF Technologies sells their products through their distribution network and directly to government entities. Their sales process is driven by their manufacturing catalog. This catalog is supposed to support decision-makers and stakeholders in their buying process, aid JSF with order-placing mechanisms, and convey all important product information.

Due to a faulty catalog design, JSF Technologies not only incurred numerous mis-orders but also received multiple complaints from clients. To overcome this challenge, Pace Creative was brought on board to create a robust brand style guide and employ manufacturing brochure design strategies.


fewer errors when processing orders


more sales


increase in brand recall


JSF Technologies’ procurement department was overwhelmed by the number of mis-orders as wrong product IDs were entered on the order form. They not only incurred incredibly high order returns costs, but also had to allocate most of their sales teams’ schedule to support customers to correct their orders.

  • How to create a manufacturing brochure design that is
    • highly informative yet does not overwhelm customers,
    • easy to navigate but still eye-catching, and
    • engaging as to motivate purchase?
  • How to create a product guide so distribution dealers and government entities can compare JSF products with others on the market?
  • How to help dealers and the government’s procurement department reduce errors caused by entering the wrong product code?


Auditing the Current Manufacturing Brochure Design

Pace Creative first audited the current product catalog and noticed a lack of content flow. Also, the content did not follow JSF’s sales process, and the design was not consistent with JSF’s new brand style guide.

Creating a Catalog That Addresses Prospects’ Informational Needs

We restructured the content layout to make it easy to scan and inviting to read so that JSF products and their respective price can be easily found. In our design process, we made sure the catalog is consistent with JSF’s other marketing assets (e.g. their website) to create an integrated feel to the brand. To improve the visual communication, we added graphic design elements to keep the catalog design modern, aesthetically pleasing, and eye-catching. Using the established visual identify of the brochure, we updated the brand style guide and updated all JSF Technologies’ marketing materials.


  • With a special focus on designing their main sales communication tool well, JSF stands out in front dealers and government entities.
  • Reduced frustrations from dealers and improved relationships.
  • Increased brand equity.
  • Increased sales.

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