Founded in 1987, Microserve, a family-owned ITSP based in BC has been providing exceptional IT service to companies and organizations across Canada. From mid-sized operations to enterprise alike; Microserve offers specialized support backed by custom solutions within the tech space – all with a personal touch that only comes from being an independent company. Engaging in a new-found partnership, Microserve reached out to us for a campaign based in lead generation for tech companies.

They needed to draw attention towards common IT risks and associated costs for businesses – all while maintaining their brand’s unique identity through creative communication channels. Pace Creative provided Microserve a comprehensive solution: an interactive assessment tool accompanied by a cost calculator which was then promoted using an integrated content marketing strategy (across multiple platforms).


more social media engagement


MQLs per week


CTR for digital ads


The goal of this lead generation for tech companies campaign was clear: drive quality leads by incentivizing customers to input their emails and contact information – a benchmark of success that would be closely monitored during the course of the initiative. To ensure its success, Pace Creative employed customized digital ads, emailers and calculator tools as part of a comprehensive integrated strategy.

  • How to execute a digital lead generation campaign to drive leads?
  • How to develop a customized calculator as an added-value tool to generate leads?
  • How to implement digital ads to drive leads?
  • How to create evergreen content to educate customers on IT costs?


Strategizing Lead Generation for Tech Companies

Microserve needed a strategy to gain qualified leads, so Pace Creative planned and launched a digital lead generation campaign to promote Microserve’s services and partnership with a leading information technology company to drive leads. We strategized on how to implement the various marketing materials.

Custom Online Tool

Pace Creative developed a landing page to hold the calculator tool and created the calculator tool for users to understand the true costs of IT and the additional costs that incur over time. By creating a unique landing page for the campaign, we presented prospects with a tailored calculator to make an inquiry and request a custom report directly on the page to better facilitate lead capture and conversion.

Emailer Campaign

We created an emailer to send the results of the calculator to the users and allow them to receive the assessment for free. The emailer helped Microserve gather lead generation and measure the number of leads through the emailer.

Ad Campaigns

We created digital ads to drive qualified leads to the landing page that included the calculator. These sponsored ads were implemented on Microserve’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The digital ads centered around IT costs and budget to encourage leads to use the calculator. We also created retargeting ads and graphics to drive users to the calculator landing page.

Educational Asset

This lead generation for tech companies campaign entailed the creation of a blog post to encourage readers to use the calculator, which was linked in the blog post. The blog post details calculating the true costs of IT in your business, to build brand awareness and educate


  • Microserve received 1200% more social media engagement
  • The click-through-rate for the digital ads was at 6%
  • Microserve partnered with Pace Creative again for another lead generation for tech companies campaign

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