NICE CXone is a leading B2B SaaS (software as a service) company that enables organizations and businesses to transform their customer experience through a cloud-based call centre solution. With its powerful SaaS technology, the software allows for unparalleled quality delivering remarkable customer interactions with minimal effort.

To remain competitive in their ever-evolving industry, NICE CXone sought out a new marketing strategy to promote its Agent Experience (AX) assessment and Chatbot services. They came to us for our eBook design services in hopes of standing out in their industry with a new content marketing asset.


MQLs per week


conversion rate


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With the goal of generating qualified leads for the sales team, Pace Creative implemented an innovative campaign focused on brand storytelling and interactive visuals designed to draw customers towards providing contact information – creating opportunities for increased business growth.

  • How can our eBook design services be catered to the SaaS industry and Nice’s target audience specifically?
  • How to create more strategic on-brand content with a compelling CTA for leads to take action?
  • How to create a B2B Saas design for a strategic eBook to achieve more MQLs and conversions?


Campaign Strategy

Drawing on research and data, Pace Creative crafted an effective strategy to increase the visibility of AX services. The campaign concept was then used across multiple creative platforms – including Slideshare presentations, eBooks, infographics and quizzes – as a powerful tool for elevating messaging and boosting positioning to resonate with targeted audiences.

Interactive AI Quiz

We launched an interactive quiz on AI to boost engagement with their AX chatbot services – strategically designed and featuring some tailored logic along with a call-to-action prompting users to connect.

Catering Our eBook Design Services

Elevating visual storytelling to the next level, our strategic e-book provides invaluable insights on how to successfully build a chatbot. It explains where and when in the customer journey implementation of chatbots makes sense while also listing common misconceptions. Plus, it will guide you through selecting which type works best for your unique business needs.

Chatbot Slideshare

To capture the attention of SMB executives, a SlideShare was created to demonstrate why AI-powered chatbot services should be part of their business. To stand out from other presentations, customized pop culture references and illustrations were utilized in an innovative way!

Generate B2B Leads

Our marketing campaign achieved maximum success by utilizing a well-structured content strategy, adhering to design best practices and incorporating persuasive calls to action. These three key elements allowed us to generate quality B2B leads!


  • The strategic marketing assets were able to generate B2B MQLs through the easy- to-understand SaaS chatbot services to improve B2B customer satisfaction that NICE CXone provides.
  • NICE CXone was so pleased our eBook design services that they reached out to Pace Creative for three new campaigns on digital transformation and customer satisfaction!
  • AX services gained 3 MQLs per week
  • Their conversion rate increased by 3%

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