NICE CXone is a leading B2B SaaS (software as a service) company, providing cloud-based call center software to enterprise, government organizations and businesses to maximize the quality of leads and deliver great customer interactions.

To keep up to date with their constantly changing industry, technology, and services, NICE CXone needed to update their existing marketing assets, with an emphasis on branding, to promote their self-service chatbot to their B2B clients and drive MQLs to provide their contact information so the sales team can nurture these leads. They needed a way to easily explain their chatbot services with interactive and visually attractive assets, and to establish a clear call to action (CTA).

Pace Creative developed a campaign to build brand awareness and promote the Agent Experience (AX) assessment and Chatbot services. As part of the integrated lead generation campaign, Pace Creative created a wide variety of strategic content assets, such as SlideShare, an eBook, and interactive infographics and quizzes that provided thorough explanations of their AX products and encouraged audience engagement. Potential leads were able to gain more clarity on the benefits of the AX service and clearly understand the value provided by Nice CXone.

The strategic campaign content increased conversions, increased sales, and helped NICE to achieve their business goals!

How to create more strategic and on-brand content with a compelling CTA (call to action) that matched the B2B SaaS company with their target audience of executives and managers from enterprises, government organizations, and small to mid-sized businesses?

To promote NICE CXone’s chatbot service in an engaging way, an interactive quiz about AI was created that incorporated strategic elements and a CTA that prompted leads to connect with NICE CXone.

Mel, Nice's VP of Marketing, asked Pace Creative to develop a strategic e-book with the top tips for building a chatbot icon, content that outlines how chatbot services fit in the customer journey, common misconceptions about chatbots, and which chatbot icon is right for their business.

To share information about how AI could benefit businesses to SMB executives, a SlideShare was designed to highlight the SaaS chatbot service that NICE CXone offers while using pop culture icons that the target audience can relate to.

Pace Creative updated existing strategic marketing assets, input updated data, used best practices for content strategy, and added a more relevant call to action to generate quality B2B leads.

The strategic marketing assets were able to generate B2B MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) through the easy- to-understand SaaS chatbot services to improve B2B customer satisfaction that NICE CXone provides.

NICE CXone was so pleased with the campaign results that they have reached out to Pace Creative for three new campaigns on digital transformation and customer satisfaction!

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