NxStage Medical is an American medical company specializing in systems for treating kidney-related diseases. At a healthcare trade show in 2018, they launched the MasterGuard Plus, a device that helps prevent needlestick injuries during the removal of needles from patients.

As part of its marketing plan and digital strategy, NxStage wanted to create a successful product launch campaign. The new device was presented to medical professionals attending the trade show for the first time. The experience explained the benefits and superiority of the MasterGuard Plus, and prompted viewers with specific call to actions throughout.


  • NxStage wanted to create a Virtual Reality (VR) competency-based immersive training simulation allowing users to try the new product virtually and see the benefits for themselves.
  • NxStage needed to showcase the new product, create a buzz, draw attention to their trade show booth, immerse the audience in a clinic environment, and attract a targeted crowd at the trade show.
  • Pace Creative partnered with NxStage to create the experience. We agreed that a VR experience was an excellent way to showcase their product at the tradeshow, as it would draw attention and an audience.


As part of our digital strategy process our team:

  • Developed a trade show strategy to ensure the Virtual Reality experience aligned with NxStage’s business goals. The VR app and explainer video content seamlessly integrated with NxStage’s content marketing strategy. The strategy also identified which VR headset to use.
  • Built the interactive script and developed the storyboard and detailed user experience journey to produce a cohesive experience.
  • Created a VR scenario for users in which they use the MasterGuard Plus to remove a needle from a patient’s arm. The scenario showed how the MasterGuard Plus prevents needlestick injuries. This is a common task that medical professionals perform daily, making the experience very relevant to health care professionals.
  • Combined a wide range of technologies such as gaming, video, 3D animation, and motion graphics to create the overall experience


  • The VR experience was completed in time for the trade show, within a strict timeline of 6 weeks and within the approved budget.
  • The VR experience generated a buzz at the trade show so much so that the booth had a lineup of industry professionals.
  • The VR experience delivers more focused learning experience with higher retention rates of information and replicable skills.
  • The VR experience takes the learning experience to a whole new level.
  • The experience has been re-purposed as part of the marketing campaign into a product video approximating the experience, which is available on NxStage’s website.

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