Pota Inc., a division of Stratis Capital, is a distributor of natural and organic beverages. The beverages that Pota Inc. represents are created with a pure and authentic approach which millennial consumers are seeking.

As consumer preferences in the beverage industry are evolving, Pota Inc., a new distributor in the industry, needed to create a brand to stand out from other distributors. The unique brand positioning aligns with natural, flavorful, organic beverages made from wholesome ingredients – free from artificial flavors, colorants, synthetic tocopherol, synthetic ascorbyl palmitate, and added chemicals.

How to develop a unique brand to stand out in a crowded beverage industry?

We believe that a brand should have a strong concept to be memorable and stand out from other beverage distributors.

Keeping the unique positioning in mind, we designed a few variations using traditional to modern fonts.

Based on the client’s preference we proceeded in developing a custom-made typeface with clean lines and a post-contemporary look. This is how the brand started.

From there we developed brand print materials such as stationary, and a PowerPoint presentation template.

The brand presence was then taken to the web.

Our work has enabled Pota Inc. to launch their brand very quickly, with the elements needed to attract potential clients and customers in the market.

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