Siemens Financial Services (SFS) is a division of Siemens that offers financing solutions to its business-to-business customers. Industries include infrastructure, sustainable energy production, healthcare, and manufacturing.

While working with SFS, we have helped them with numerous events and campaigns, including an event strategy for a global SFS conference in Dubai. In April of 2019, SFS was the primary sponsor at the Association for Corporate Growth’s (ACG’s) annual InterGrowth Conference. Four of Siemens’ divisions – Siemens IoT Services, MindSphere, Smart Infrastructure, and SFS – represented Siemens in the same trade show booth. As the primary sponsor, Siemens had the largest and most central trade show space.

SFS worked with Pace Creative as an agency partner to develop the event concept, theme, messaging, and look and feel, as well as the print, online, and digital marketing assets. We ensured that the trade show strategy and implementation were aligned, and as result, Siemens’ showing at the conference was a huge success.

How to unify all four Siemens divisions with a central theme that would appeal to InterGrowth attendees? And… how to engage passersby to engage with SFS representatives during and after the event?

To unify the Siemens divisions, messaging was key. We brainstormed and worked with SFS to develop the tagline, “Digitalizing Performance to Optimize Profit”.

With the theme established, we created an event strategy to draw attendees to the booth. Collateral included individual division booths and messaging, a pre-conference advertisement and emailer, a sweepstakes, an infographic handout, a gated IoT assessment tool, and a Siemens-branded stylus for attendees who completed the tool.

To continue the digitalization conversation after the event, we created a post-event emailer and a microsite. The microsite showcased related whitepapers, the IoT assessment tool, and a contact form to get in touch with a Siemens representative.

SFS received substantial praise from attendees about the look of their booth and about the quality of their handout and swag. SFS had consistent traffic, and nearly 50 qualified leads completed the IoT assessment survey.

We continue to work closely with SFS on various initiatives and act as their go-to marketing agency for small and large projects alike.

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