Spalding SSD was established in Calgary, Alberta and has been providing doors and entryway solutions to Western Canada since 1952. Spalding fabricates, manufactures, and distributes custom doors, frames, and access control systems for schools, hospitals, and municipalities.

To align with the branding strategy, Spalding wanted to leverage their company values, expertise, and accumulated experience to position itself as thought leader in the industry. To accomplish the new vision, we created an online marketing strategy and website design to be the company’s #1 marketing tool.

How can we position Spalding SSD as a thought leader and an expert in providing door and entry solutions for commercial and industrial projects in Alberta and Western Canada?

Pace Creative’s strategy included creating a strategic new website for Spalding. We started by optimizing the site map, focusing on the customer journey and ways to build Spalding’s credibility as a thought leader.

With the site map approved, our team began researching and analyzing the keywords used by the customer personas Spalding was targeting.

We developed the website content. We focused on defining Spalding’s positioning and key messaging so that it would make a strong impact. Our content also kept in mind organic SEO, and we created content strategically to ensure it was optimized.

Our team developed wireframes, focusing on a growth-driven design that could expand as Spalding added more content to their website.

We proceeded with website design and defined an overall art direction strategy that considered Spalding’s branding, website functionalities, and custom calls to action to increase the conversion rate.

After completing in-house programming, we implemented analytics and SEO monitoring tools to track the website’s performance. Our team created meta descriptions based on our keyword research and optimized each page and image to ensure a high ranking.

Our team monitors SEO rankings on an ongoing basis to find opportunities for improvement, and we make SEO recommendations to Spalding regularly.

Pace Creative continues to develop content and new pages for the website that consider the customer journey and SEO rankings.

The website has over 400 average monthly users, and the homepage has a click through rate of 3.9%. The average time on page is 2 minutes and 32 seconds.

Our SEO recommendations have helped increase the number of qualified submissions through the contact form to 2.8 per week on average.

Individual page rankings have increased by 10 to 15 on average, with the Services page, contact page, and about page ranking within the first page of Google on average.

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