Sudden Technologies is a British Columbia-based IT consulting firm that aims to find the perfect technology solution for each corporate client. The collective knowledge and experience of Sudden’s staff has helped position the company as a premiere IT service provider in Vancouver.

To implement solutions, Sudden works with an ecosystem of top-level vendors for hardware, software, and cloud solutions. Partners include vendors like Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Amazon, Microsoft, and Check Point. Taking a consultative approach to solution design, Sudden often beats out larger firms, like TELUS, on key deals. They came to Pace Creative to maintain their market share and stimulate growth through B2B lead generation campaigns.


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To keep up with the expectations of an increasingly digital and connected world, companies are moving more and more sensitive information to the cloud where it can be accessed by in-house employees, remote workers, and consumers from anywhere at any time via a growing number of apps and collaboration tools. B2B lead generation campaigns demonstrate a tech company’s innovation and raise brand awareness across a competitive industry.

  • How to target CTO’s of B2B companies with 250 employees?
  • How to increase awareness of security risk exposure amongst B2B businesses?
  • How to introduce businesses to the latest security technology covering all aspects of network security?
  • How to strategize B2B lead generation campaigns for such a competitive and innovative sector?


B2B Lead Generation Campaign Strategy

Sudden Technology implemented a comprehensive campaign strategy, which included a main campaign asset: a direct mail package. This B2B lead generation campaign centred on a tech assessment to help businesses map their cloud and SaaS application stacks, assess vulnerabilities, and make security recommendations with Check Point as a key solution provider.

The strategy covered the following elements:

  • Understanding the customer journey and personas
  • Identifying KPIs and defining success measurement criteria
  • Developing an integrated marketing channel approach

Main campaign Asset – Direct Mail Package

Our lead generation campaign centred tech assessment to help enterprises map their cloud and SaaS application stacks, assess vulnerabilities and make security recommendations using Check Point as a key solution provider.

Promoting Tech Assessment Using an Integrated Marketing Channel Approach

To promote the tech assessment effectively, they developed a custom security assessment tool. This tool allowed customers to:

  • Gain better awareness of security risk exposure
  • Identify and prioritize security gaps requiring improvement
  • Learn about the latest security technology covering all aspects of network security

Sudden Technology was able to perform assessments for up to 1000 employees.

Tracking performance of B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

The campaign offered not only new customer acquisition but also a measurable and predictable revenue growth for CheckPoint’s services. The performance was closely monitored throughout the campaign to optimize cost per qualified lead for 3 months.


Sudden Technology’s Direct Mail Client-Acquisition Campaign successfully addressed the challenges of securing valuable company and customer data in an ever-evolving digital landscape. By implementing a comprehensive strategy, understanding their customers’ needs, and utilizing advanced assessment tools, they were able to drive revenue, increase website traffic, and establish a secure future for both their clients and themselves.

  • Creating predictable revenue growth for CheckPoint’s services
  • Monitoring marketing performance to optimize Cost per Acquisition
  • Reporting monthly campaign performance for marketing budget support

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