Sudden Technologies is a trusted IT service provider that offers full-service IT consulting for businesses across Western Canada. They provide network infrastructure that improves productivity, minimizes risk through network security, and they also provide a total end-to-end IT solution. Sudden began working with Aruba on a User Experience Insight platform and they needed a lead generation partnerships campaign to promote this new service.

As the definition of the workplace changes, companies need to embrace digital transformation and business agility to meet their employees’ needs. With the new Aruba User Experience Insight platform, Sudden can proactively and remotely monitor the health of remote workers’ connectivity and fix any issues before they impact business.

Charles, the CEO of Sudden Technology, sought the services of Pace Creative as an agency partner to create and execute a lead generation partnerships campaign.


MQLs per month


increase in revenue annually


increase in website traffic


To increase their revenue each month and provide Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to the sales team, Sudden Technology needed a strategic digital marketing campaign to promote their new work-from-home services.

  • How to develop a lead generation partnerships campaign to target local CTO to switch their IT set up to adapt to remote employees and digital workplace?
  • How to create a unique and educational campaign to promote and explain the Edge Services Platform (ESP) service from Aruba?
  • What is the cost of slow connectivity for businesses and how do we reach this specific audience?
  • What are the benefits for of being proactive about at-home wireless network connectivity?


The Lead Generation Partnerships Campaign Strategy

To ensure the campaign’s success, we developed a comprehensive strategy to understand Sudden Technology’s customer journey, personas, and the challenges they could solve with the Edge Services Platform (ESP) service from Aruba. This involved identifying KPIs and defining success measurement criteria for the campaign.

Main Campaign Asset – Infographics

Our lead generation campaign centred around an infographic demonstrating the power of Aruba’s ESP. The content focused on raising awareness of problems faced by remote employees and digital workplace companies while showcasing how Sudden Technology and Aruba could resolve these issues.

Promoting Campaign Using an Integrated Marketing Channel Approach

Considering that our target audience comprised businesses in the awareness phase of their customer journey, we employed LinkedIn ads to attract the right prospects and utilized various social media channels to further promote the campaign.

Tracking Performance

Performance was closely monitored throughout the campaign to optimize cost per acquisition and report monthly campaign performance for marketing budget support.


Sudden Technology successfully embraced and promoted Aruba’s modern work-from-home workplace services with a strategic marketing and lead generation partnerships campaign targeting local CTOs, generating leads, and building product awareness. The solution educated businesses on how slow connectivity costs can impact their performance.

  • Generate MQLs each month.
  • Creating predictable revenue growth for Aruba’s services.
  • Monitoring marketing performance to optimize Cost per Acquisition (CPA).
  • Reporting monthly campaign performance, allowing for additional growth supported by an increased marketing budget.

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