Sysmex Inostics, a subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation, is a molecular diagnostics company that is a pioneer in blood-based cell-free tumor DNA oncology testing utilizing highly sensitive technologies. Sysmex Inostics has a CLIA-certified laboratory in Baltimore, Maryland and a GCP laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. They are a trusted partner of leading pharmaceutical companies and are continuously advancing their efforts to bring the most effective personalized cancer therapies to global markets.

As a new subsidiary, Sysmex Inostics needed an agency partner to help them develop a website, using HubSpot, with a clean design and branding that was consistent with Sysmex Corporation’s other subsidiary websites. Pace Creative created a new site with an optimized site map, new Look and Feel, and a large amount of high-value content as part of a content-driven strategy.

How to create a HubSpot website unique to Sysmex Inostics’ needs while staying in line with Sysmex Corporation’s overall brand?

Sysmex wanted to use their pre-existing HubSpot account. Our team needed to create a custom website by tailoring HubSpot templates under a tight timeline.

We gathered and edited existing content, reduced superfluous information, and created an optimized site map.

To meet brand guidelines while creating a visually compelling website, we established an overall branded art direction and introduced a new Look and Feel.

When creating the templates, we researched HubSpot’s library that complemented our content outline.

We then customized the HubSpot template to match the art direction, spacing, iconography, and features such as custom clickable content cards.

As part of a content-driven strategy for the website, we organized a large volume of content through a balance of infographics, tables, icons, white papers and publications.

Upon the site launch, our team optimized the site to include a job board API integration, Mailchimp integration, Google Analytics integration, and a special access publications hub.

Pace Creative maintains Sysmex Inostics’ website and provides ongoing support as the company develops new and strategic content.

Sysmex Inostics was so happy with the website that we proceeded with the redesign of multiple informative print assets and infographics, many of which have been added to the website to act as strategic lead generation tools.

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