TmaxSoft is a software company that helps its customers manage their critical data. The company was founded in 1997 and is now the leading South Korea-based multinational corporation specializing in enterprise software systems. In the domestic market, TmaxSoft enjoys a 42.1% share of the middleware market with most major financial, insurance and government institutions utilizing the company’s products.

To keep up with an emergence of competitive software companies and a changing market and technology, TmaxSoft CEO wanted way to increase revenue by getting more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). The integrated campaign had to stay true to their brand identity, and effectively connect with new and existing clients.

Pace Creative came up with a strategic plan to drive prospects to an SEO optimized landing page with gated assets to capture leads using Marketo. As an agency specializing in B2B marketing, Pace Creative was able to make suggestions for other lead generation tactics and opportunities to ensure that the results exceeded B2B industry average.

After the initial 3-month campaign, TmaxSoft’s MQLs have been up by over 11%, and has continued to generate results and maximize marketing ROI!

How to create and maximize the promotional budget for a lead generation campaign to promote TmaxSoft’s OpenFrame mainframe rehosting solution, targeting financial services that are based in the U.S.?

How to create messaging that will resonate with B2B executives and drive MQLs to TmaxSoft’s information?

The CMO of TmaxSoft, Katie, hired Pace Creative to promote the OpenFrame mainframe rehosting solution by developing a plan to set up a combination of integrated marketing ads.

We created strategic insights from personas and customer journeys that matched TmaxSoft enterprise solutions into customized messaging that would resonate for the strategic lead generation campaign.

When developing SEO driven ads, our team collaborated with TmaxSoft branding agency to ensure the messaging was aligned with the overarching TmaxSoft brand.

The integrated marketing campaign included print, online, social media and digital channels.

The digital ads generated very positive results as soon as the campaign launched!

The campaign generated 3-4 MQLs each week, exceeding the established online goals.

Pace Creative has been hired by TmaxSoft again to work on a new campaign targeting the financial services industry as well as the insurance industry.

Pace Creative has been generating results and maximizing marketing ROI for TmaxSoft since 2019!

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