Volunteer Toronto is a non-profit and charitable organization with over 40 years of experience. As Canada’s largest volunteer centre in Toronto, they work to connect volunteers to the non-profit and charitable organizations that need them the most. Volunteer Toronto services empower local volunteers to find opportunities that make a positive impact on their community.

To celebrate and thank all the volunteers, volunteer managers and community coordinators for their hard work, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteer Toronto created an engaging and captivating short video for National Volunteer Week in to thank all their volunteers.


Cari at Volunteer Toronto needed a way to create digital marketing collateral that would connect with volunteers and that would drive engagement and referrals.

  • How to expand Volunteer Toronto’s brand awareness and community outreach in addition to standing out during National Volunteer Week?
  • How to upgrade existing website content to attract new volunteers?
  • How to create more unique and relevant content customized for their existing volunteers?


  • Despite the short timeline, Pace Creative recommended to create a short 50-second, custom-branded animated video, as the focal point of the digital marketing campaign.
  • The video was shared on Volunteer Toronto’s social media channels, generating engagements and capturing the key message of gratitude that Volunteer Toronto wanted to convey throughout the organization.
  • With over 2,000 views and 30 shares, the digital marketing campaign was successful in generating further brand awareness to the non-profit organization. It helped Volunteer Toronto stand out amongst the Toronto community and non-profit industry.


Check out the video below!

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