The Yukon Mining Alliance (YMA) is a group of Yukon’s leading exploration and mining companies. Their mission is to promote Yukon’s thriving mining industry through innovative capital attraction initiatives that target investors. YMA came to Pace Creative looking for a strategic overhaul of their website. Based on their investor-centric goals, we employed an audience analysis marketing strategy.

The mining industry constitutes a significant portion of the Yukon’s economy, providing jobs and profits all while supporting other industries like energy, hospitality, and transportation. It is estimated that the YMA’s contribution to the Yukon GDP is around 18-20%. This is why audience analysis and research is important for all their communications work.

In 2018, the YMA needed to execute a digital strategy to help secure additional government funding and industry research. Pace Creative’s solution was a content marketing strategy that was implemented on YMA’s website; we also recommended a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) marketing strategy to enhance YMA’s brand.


increase in views of Membership page


increase in views on Events page


increase in memberships


As part of the digital strategy, the YMA asked Pace Creative to develop its website. The website would include an event section, access to their social media channels, a news feed for all their members, and the integration of their yearly conference details.

Once the website was launched, a digital strategy must be put into place to engage the YMA’s stakeholders through specific content to build brand awareness and establish YMA as a thought leader in Yukon for the mining industry. Additionally, the digital strategy must drive targeted traffic to the YMA’s website from government organizations, mining companies, First Nations and Yukon locals, and investors.

Our audience analysis marketing strategy would address the challenge of creating content that targets audience groups to generate leads and investments.

  • How to employ audience analysis marketing techniques to ensure all marketing collateral fit YMA’s goals and needs.
  • How to design a website that builds awareness of the YMA within the mining industry, as well as attracts new member companies to boost investments?
  • How to create a website to clearly communicate the YMA brand positioning and build strong brand awareness?
  • How to build a digital multi-channel marketing strategy to address distinct goals and resonates with each stakeholder?


creating a digital marketing plan

We developed a digital marketing plan in line with the audience’s needs and how they evolve over the decision-making process.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

We recommended a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) marketing strategy as it will enhance YMA’s brand reputation. It is also important for building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders such as employees, pressure groups, and local communities.

Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy

Pace Creative documented a content marketing strategy to provide an in-depth understanding of the YMA’s key audiences. Our content marketing strategy addresses the persona journey of our audiences, and how the decision-making process can be influenced by the content we share. The strategy also laid out the process in which these key audience members connect with the YMA – from initial awareness to generating investments from their members’ companies.

Audience Analysis Marketing: Personas

We created six different audience personas, profiles, and customer journeys. The audience groups that we have identified as key audience groups are investors, government associations, YMA members, mining companies, the First Nations community, and Yukon locals.


Promotion plan

Our digital strategy includes promoting the content across a strategic mix of channels such as the YMA website, blog, and social outposts on YMA social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).

Following the implementation of this strategy on the website, we also use metrics of awareness, behavior, and outcome to measure the success of our content strategy. The awareness will indicate whether our social media marketing is effective, the behavioral metrics will determine what the audience thinks of the content, and the business outcomes will determine the business value and ROI.

Implementing the Content Marketing Strategy Via YMA’s Website

After developing the content strategy and gaining a good understanding of the customer journey for each target audience group, we developed a site map and created a new website design that is more user-friendly.

The newly written content clearly communicated key messages, YMA’s features, and benefits, while keeping SEO a focus. Our methodology focused on content playing a key role in improving organic search results, driving users to the site, increasing time spend, and driving conversions.


  • The YMA website is a functional and fully responsive website. Pace Creative continues to work with the YMA to make regular ongoing updates.
  • The YMA has exceeded its target for new memberships – they wished to maintain the membership level at 16 members; in 2019, 2020, and 2021, the YMA had 18 members.
  • After Pace Creative’s implementation, on their membership page, YMA saw an increase of 148% in page views in comparison with the previous period (June 2018 – March 2019).
  • After Pace Creative’s implementation, on their events page, from April 2019 to December 2019, YMA saw a growth of 113% in page views in comparison to the previous period (June 2018 – March 2019).
  • YMA saw a rise in their social media engagement with over 2000 followers on Twitter and almost 1000 on Instagram.
  • Other provinces, territories, and states have been inspired by this audience analysis marketing website and have since reached out to Pace Creative.

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