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Who is your audience? Whether you are speaking to an investor, a distributor, a physician, a nurse or directly to a patient, we can help develop technology driven tools and engaging content that resonates and grabs the attention of your target audience.

Our experience working with start-ups to top 10 healthcare companies in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, lifesciences and biotechnology has given us the skill set to navigate the unique and complicated healthcare marketing ecosystem and to make an impact on our clients’ objectives.


  • Brand awareness
  • Align communication, marketing and sales
  • Getting referrals
  • Attract qualified leads

Oncolytics Biotech – Content Marketing Strategy

How to communicate the drug creation process to investors and patients, while keeping them interested?

Strategy development: industry analysis, personas, themes, persona journey, strategy, tactical mix.

Content generation to be used across all communication channels.

Social Media promotion campaigns.

Improved social media engagement metrics by over 2000% in the first 6 months (comments, shares, Likes)

Increased follower counts by over 80% to date.

Since February 2015, the stock price has also seen noticeable improvement, on average of about 15%.

Additional benefits include media coverage, such as invitations to guest blog and appear on a podcast, and increased brand awareness as seen by brand reach.

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