Our Experience with Higher Education Digital Marketing

With our expertise of higher education digital marketing, we know that current target audiences consist of tech-savvy, Gen Z and millennial students who value remote learning and digital enablement communications strategies.

Modern times need modern solutions, especially for the higher education industry.

According to a study by New America, 63% of college websites (63%) and online search engines (59%) were the most popular sources of information that prospective and recently-enrolled students used to learn about colleges, but some students faced difficulty locating important information:

  • 43% percent of students using college websites had trouble finding how much a college program will cost.
  • 42% had trouble finding information about financial aid and scholarships.

At Pace Creative, we understand the needs of customized and targeted messaging using innovative digital, online, and social means to communicate with tech-forward students. Our success is based on increasing integrated and cohesive higher education marketing materials for universities and colleges across North America.


  • Need help creating innovative and attention-catching marketing materials?
  • Need help attracting international students and creating digital content in multiple languages?
  • Trying to navigate the challenges of remote learning in a post-COVID global market?
  • Looking to build brand awareness to stand out?
  • Are you a new institution trying to get recognized in the higher education market?
  • Looking to meet specific enrolment goals?

Looking for expertise for higher education in digital marketing?