Our Experience

Partnering with major actors in the energy industry over the years has allowed our team to gain in-depth knowledge of the culture, specific needs, numerous personas, and technical language of utility, oil and gas, mining, solar energy, and other types of alternative energy.

Our team understands the need to communicate with different audiences through different channels, as well as the importance of keeping key messages consistent across the board. Whether you are speaking to investors or the community you work with, we provide energy marketing services that resonate with and engage your target audience.


  • Are you easily recognizable in the market?
  • Are you struggling to differentiate yourself from other renewable energy companies?
  • Do you need help with marketing your green energy startup?
  • Do you need to build a stronger brand identity as you grow?
  • Do you need to efficiently explain complex ideas to your stakeholders?
  • How do you attract potential investors and clients organically?
  • Do you need help with marketing renewable energy?
  • Do you need to optimize your promotional budget to get results?

Private: Parex Resources – Online Strategy and Website

How to generate fresh and new material to engage investor and existing customers?

Internal, external and financial audit of existing marketing and sales collateral and website to evaluate current branding.

Design of fresh new material, consistent with existing line of communication and brand colors.

Integration of the press release through 3rd party, MarketWire.

Stock share price increase.

Increase of 30% in one on one meetings with investors.

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