83% of healthcare marketers say that healthcare video marketing helped them generate leads, and 95% say that videos in healthcare helped to increase user understanding of their service or product.

Our team at Pace Creative are experts in digital marketing for clients in the healthcare industry and have been producing 3D scientific animations for 15 years. We know from first-hand data that using strategic 3D medical animated videos as part of a marketing strategy can create engaging and highly educational content for your audiences. Crafted using a script around a memorable concept as well as detailed and complex medical illustrations, a 3D medical animated video is a tool that can convey your company’s thought leadership in the healthcare industry.

Today, many healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are using 3D animated videos to explain difficult medical concepts, procedures, and mechanism of action in a simple yet accurate way. In this blog post, we will talk about how 3D medical animation can be part of a product launch campaign to increase your ROI!

Why Investing in 3D Medical Animations Makes Sense

It’s an Effective Way to Launch a Product

Over the years, our team has partnered with large global medical device companies, such as Grifols, GenMark, and Fresenius Kabi (just to name a few), to develop an exact replica of a product that is in the final stages of manufacturing but not yet released in the market. The 3D medical device illustration becomes part of the product marketing launch strategy and a mainstream tactic in marketing for healthcare sector.

Here is an example of a medical procedure animation we produced for the launch of a new product, SecretRF, in North America distributed by Cutera:


It Results in High ROI with Less Budget Spend

According to Wyzowl, over 89% marketers investing in healthcare video marketing have seen a good return on their investment.

A 3D medical animation is more cost-effective than live action videos, and they require fewer resources overall to convey the same key messages in a concise way. These types of videos are more agile in the long run as we can add, edit, and repurpose the assets into other marketing channels and collaterals. A lot of 3D illustration and animation assets are used as training and sales tools before being repurposed to marketing material. Additionally, they allow for the use of a creative lens when it comes to video storytelling.

We developed a 3D lab tour for Foodchek to educate and show lab technicians the step-by-step process to produce accurate test results in a lab-safe environment when using ActeroTM listeria enrichment media. The 3D lab tour communicates the same key messages as a 4-minute and 30-second video but is more engaging and interactive. Check out our FoodChek case study and let us know what you think of the user experience.

It Allows More Complex Storytelling Than Other Video Types

In less than two minutes, you can explain a complex idea, concept, product, or technology to any viewer.  Whether it is an explainer video of a delivery mechanism, a mechanism of action of a new drug, or a product release video, 3D medical animation is an effective tool to help your audience grasp your unique positioning, understand your product, and help you easily stand out from your competitors.

Our team developed a 3D video animation for Sol-Gel to explain their Drug Delivery Technology. We also helped The PYURE Technology present their unique, leading technology that uses UV energy to sanitize indoor spaces by safely generating and dispersing hydroxyls and organic oxidants.


It’s a Helpful Communication Tool During a Pandemic

During the pandemic, it’s much easier and safer to use 3D animation to explain medical procedures.

Since more and more people are meeting online and investing in digital assets, investment in 3D medical animation will prove its return on investment beyond your expectations. You can reuse the video for your product launches, virtual events, webinars, and lead generation campaigns.

Fresenius Kabi wanted to showcase its new product–the Phelix–and how it works in conjunction with their existing product–Amicus–in extracorporeal photopheresis procedures. We can probably assume that we lost you after “extracorporeal photopheresis”, but with the help of a 3D animated video, Fresenius Kabi was able to illustrate the concept in digestible terms and create accurate models of the products in a COVID-friendly way. Moreover, as a unique benefit to 3D animated videos, we gave the viewer a peek inside the Phelix to show, at a molecular level, how the instrument separates, harvests, treats, and ultimately re-infuses treated blood cells. Frensenius Kabi used the video to train their clinical staff on the new Phelix product; the video proved to be a helpful and safe tool in a post-COVID world.

Check out the video here!


Investing in 3D animation, especially for the healthcare industry, makes sense for all of the above reasons and more. If you have any ideas for 3D animated videos you would like to discuss as part of your marketing strategy or if you need help with bringing your ideas to life, reach out to us today to discuss your vision.

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