The use of animated video in marketing is nothing new at this point. In fact, many of the most beloved commercials and advertising campaigns of the past have included some form of animation; whether this is the Geico gecko or cavemen, any of the Kellogg’s animated mascots, or hamsters driving around in a Kia Soul, it’s proven that animation makes an impact. Animated videos have a certain charm about them that is near impossible to replicate through regular old film, and that might be their greatest selling point. Yet in an age where the tools to create animated video are both accessible and affordable, we still meet with people who are hesitant to make the leap to include animation in their brand’s content marketing strategy. So in the case that you’re a little unsure as to whether or not animation is for you, we’ve compiled a few reasons why animation is worth your while. 


Animation allows for the unexpected.

There is something fantastic about seeing the impossible made possible. Animation allows for an exploration of the impossible, whether that be zooming into the molecular level of a piece of dog kibble. What’s so great about this?

  • These concepts are often times too abstract to simply explain, but with the aid of animated video, become much easier to understand.
  • Retention rates are low online, so surprising your audience with the unexpected is a great way to pull them into your video, and keep them watching to the very end.
  • Since you’re in control of what appears onscreen and how everything looks, animated videos can perfectly align with your brand’s imagery and colour palette.


Animation is both entertaining and emotional.

Study after study has confirmed that one of the keys to a successful marketing campaign is the evocation of an emotional response. The joy and excitement elicited by an animated video make them a perfect candidate for online campaigns. How does one go about creating a captivating animated video?

  • A strict adherence to colour and motion can turn a regular explainer video into something beautiful. We experimented with a limited colour palette and collage to create this animated short for Top to Toe.
  • Sound effects can be used to further bring animated elements to life, and a carefully selected or custom-produced music track can set the tone throughout the entire video.
  • The ability to combine complex information with an engaging story, makes animated video a great choice for nearly all marketing campaigns.


Animation can save you time and money.

Say you’re looking to feature several pieces of expensive technology throughout your video, but the cost of the rental will put you far beyond the project’s budget. Well, one option is to settle for less, but that is rarely the satisfying choice. Animation allows you to include whatever you need and more, all for a fraction of the cost. If you’re working with technology that is still in the prototyping stage, animation is a great option that allows you to explore new possibilities without a fully functioning product. This can be invaluable when pitching a concept.


Animation is easily shared.

As of writing this blog post, most all of the popular social networks allow you to share video. Not only that, but video continues to prove itself as the most-shared form of online content. So get out there and get sharing your newly finished animation, it’s easier than ever! Looking for a few more ideas for sharing your video?

  • If you’ve got a longer animated video, consider breaking it into separate, shorter segments. While the ideal lengths differ for all social media channels, Instagram tends to be the shortest at 30 seconds, and YouTube the longest at 2 minutes.
  • Do you have a particular point in your animation that would make for a great a picture? Sharing a single frame from your animated video on social can be a great way to build interest, and convince your followers to view the full thing.


We could go on for a while about the benefits that an animated video can bring to your content marketing strategy, but we’ll stop right here. If we’ve convinced you to take the plunge into animation, great! Maybe you’ve got a few more questions, and that’s fine as well. Either way, the Pace Creative team would love to get in touch and address any ideas you might have about creating an animation for your brand. Who knows, it might just be the next big thing!

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