B2B video marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies trending right now!

According to HubSpot, over 50% of customers prefer interacting with videos compared to any other form of media. Video is also a great conversion tool – as the presence of a video of webpage can increase website conversions by up to 80%! In this blog post, we will answer all your questions about creating B2B videos and the benefits they offer.

4 Strategies and Tips for B2B Video Marketing

1. Create a documented strategy for your B2B video

You may have decided to create you own B2B video after getting inspired by other beautiful and engaging B2B videos. But where do you start?

As the title of this section suggests, it is vital to have a strategy in place when creating B2B videos. Use the following questions to guide your strategy:

  • How does your video fit into your overall visual content strategy?
  • What is the primary goal of your video? Is it brand awareness, customer service, sales enablement, or thought leadership?
  • Can you repurpose your B2B video or is it single use?
  • Do you have enough resources in place? (i.e. time, budget, creative talent, equipment)
  • What type of B2B video will it be? (see below for examples)

2. Create your B2B video for humans

There is a common misconception that B2B is all about serving businesses. Behind every business there is a team of talented and passionate individuals who make every effort to see their business succeed. Video content helps to build connections first with individuals and then with businesses. Don’t be shy to add emotions or humour to your video.

3. Use B2B video storytelling to organically promote your brand

Everyone loves stories and stories are a central piece of our learning process. B2B video storytelling can help you tailor compelling stories about your brand, team, corporate culture, and values. It can provide a window or insider perspective to help you win new clients organically.

4. B2B videos are clear and compelling

The reason why people reach out to your business is because you can help them solve their problems with the products or services you offer. Your video can provide a short snapshot of how your business does this in a way that is clear and holds the audience’s attention.

Videos such as testimonials, demos, or product launch videos are one of the best examples of how you can educate potential clients.

Different B2B Video Marketing Strategies

About Us, Corporate Overview, or Brand Videos

Are you a start-up with a great vision, yet no one knows you exist? Or have you been around for over a decade but don’t have the dedicated resources to tell the world how amazing your organization is?

Brand videos explain more about your corporate culture, your products, and services, and build awareness of your company.

Take a look at the One Steep at a Time video we developed for TopToToe Wellness:

Testimonials and Customer Experiences

Do you want to build trust and credibility to help with getting new clients? Do you need to hire and attract new talent?

Presenting video testimonials is great for brand credibility and trust. Video testimonials with real clients are a more credible and trustworthy way of showing your expertise than written content (i.e. case studies). Don’t be shy to invite clients to discuss their challenges and how your team helped address those issues.

Product Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a great and engaging way to explain your products and services to your audience in a short time frame. Working together with our client, FirstMate, our team developed this explainer video to educate potential clients about the manufacturing technology and process behind FirstMate’s products:

Product Launch Videos

Are you launching a new product or service?

A product launch video is a great way of showcasing a new addition to your services or products as it helps your audience quickly understand complex concepts and product features.

Check out the product launch video we developed for Cutera featuring their brand new surgical medical device:

Event Videos

Are you organizing a live trade show, open table, or a virtual fundraiser? A video could serve as a great tool to spread the word and promote your upcoming event or provide a snapshot of past events.

Demo Videos

Do you need to show users or potential users how your innovative technology or disruptive software works?

Demo videos explain how your product works in a short and more entertaining way, whether it’s a software tool or a physical product. Our team loves developing demo videos and we have had success creating demo videos for the healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and energy industries.

B2B Video Advertising

Along with using video content to drive organic traffic, you can also create video content for digital Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns or more traditional media channels. B2B video advertising might not help you get new clients instantly, but it is great for building awareness and buzz around your brand.

Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality Videos (AR)

X Reality (XR OR Extended Reality) technologies, like AR and VR, are breaking into B2B marketing.

They help brands tell stories in more immersive and entertaining ways.

We understand their result generation with 2 of our projects:

  1. VR app for E*TRADE
  2. AR video trade show campaign for NxStage.

Of course, there are many more videos we have created for our healthcare, resources, technology, and manufacturing clients – all used as inbound lead generation tools to win new leads.

Is Your B2B Ready to Start Strategizing?

Experienced marketing leaders know that a B2B video should be part of your content marketing plan. Although it might require a good investment, in the long run it’s proven to have a much higher return on investment (ROI).

Our team at Pace Creative has experience creating highly educational and high converting videos for B2B industries including healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and engineering. If you need help creating a B2B video, don’t hesitate to reach out to our talented and experienced team.

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