Bionano Genomics was ready to tell a new story – one that put their customers at the forefront. The medical device company embarked on a brand evolution process to set the tone for their entire company. With the strategy in place, it was time to translate these new brand stories into a website that showcased their vision for growth and acted as a resource hub for their customers.

Bionano is taking the essential steps to ensure that their brand identity speaks volumes, and their digital presence strategy is just the beginning.

Bionano’s website before the transformation


As of January 2023, Bionano Genomics relaunched a refreshed website to support the transformation its digital presence to be strategic. The website is part of the overarching marketing strategy and the digital presence strategy focused on investing in UI/UX design and content to connect with its customer base. As a full-service marketing agency, Pace Creative worked very closely with the Bionano Genomics marketing team for a period of 3 months to develop a B2B website redesign strategy and meet its digital presence strategy.

At Pace Creative we specialize in providing strategies for B2B medtech companies such as:

The refreshed website was showcased for the first time at the Bionano Symposium 2023, a strategic online event that looks to drive discovery through presentations and live Q&A.


There are many reasons why a B2B company may want to invest in a digital presence strategy. As a B2B company, it becomes important to invest in a website that meets users’ expectations by being user-friendly and keeping up with online best practices. Having an optimized website with easier access to information result in 2.8 times of buyers more likely to experience a higher degree of purchases ease and 3.0x more likely to buy without regret according to Gartner. These impressive statistics demonstrate the importance of prioritizing your digital presence as a B2B company and highlight the significant impact it can have on your bottom line.

Below are four main reasons your B2B company should consider investing in a digital presence strategy:

  1. It may look outdated and not within the brand.
  2. Mobile-optimized.
  3. Clear navigations for users.
  4. Get your marketing message strategy out.


Creating the website required strong communication and collaboration to ensure Bionano’s refreshed website exceeded expectations for their vision.

Pace Creative has 15+ years of experience in strategic medtech marketing. We work with innovative companies interested in strategically optimizing their marketing budget to meet their revenue growth goals.

Our team followed two simple steps to transform Bionano’s digital presence:

  1. Design and build a new website.
  2. Search engine optimization strategy


Bionano Genomics hired Pace Creative to take a strategic approach to the B2B website redesign initiative. The rebranding included an innovative content organization strategy that strived to optimize the company’s digital presence strategy and achieve its business objectives. The site is now search engine optimized and contains a new interface that brings a sleek, modern and polished aesthetic that brings their new branded website to life.

Bionano transformed website in January 2023

With our expertise in medtech marketing, we work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure that their B2B website design is an effective tool for standing out in the medtech industry.

Testimonial from the Bionano team

The Bionano marketing team was thrilled with the results of the new website as they saw an increase in Conversions by 300% over the previous period by improving calls to action and the placement of strategic contact forms throughout the user journey. We are proud to have delivered such impressive results for our client and look forward to helping them continuously grow their business through innovative digital presence strategies.

Increased conversion chart

About Bionano Genomics: Bionano Genomics is on a mission to revolutionize the fight against cancer and genetic diseases. By pooling data from multiple technologies, Bionano Genomics can spot even the most elusive genetic variants and unlock insights into diagnosis, origin, severity, and treatment. This new cutting-edge approach unifies and streamlines the search for answers.

About Pace Creative: Pace Creative is an award-winning full-service marketing communications agency. Our clients are SMEs that want to take their business to the next level by investing in digital transformation to solve bigger problems. Some of the most significant business growth challenges we help solve are in developing a digital transformation framework.

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