The Pace Creative Group has designed and developed a wealth of websites for our clients over the years; in fact, it’s one of the skills that we have built our business on. The importance of having an up-to-date website in today’s commerce landscape cannot be stressed enough; a website that looks fantastic on any device is easy to use and understand and helps attract new leads to your company. So what goes into our website design process, to ensure our clients get the best possible work? We offered a collection of questions to our lead digital designer and UI/UX wiz, Aldo, who shed some light on some common questions that clients have before starting a website re-design.


What questions do you like to ask clients before creating a website design for them?

The primary question I like to ask, is “what are they aiming to achieve with this new website?” This goal can range from selling new products or just improving their brand awareness, from the get-go the Pace Creative team should know what the client is aiming to achieve with their website.

  • Other important question to ask include:
  • Are we developing the strategy in-house?
  • Who are the client’s main competitors, and who the industry leaders are?
  • Who are the client’s target audience, and what their sales cycle is?
  • What might be the biggest barrier to achieving the client’s goal?

Finally, it’s always vital to know if they want us to follow a brand guide, and what patterns we need to follow to ensure our new design is consistent with their current brand identity.


Can a well-designed website improve its SEO ranking?

Definitely. Design plays a fundamental role when it comes to organizing and ranking information. A well-designed website will provide a proper hierarchy of headings, which in turn will ensure the website looks clean and consistent. Doing so will improve readability for the user, and improve the SEO ranking as a result.


What UX information do you need from the client before you begin designing a website?

One of the most important pieces of information to have in regards to user experience is knowing what the users’ expectations are when interacting with the website, and how we can measure whether or not they meet the client’s goal when engaging with the website. Once we understand what the users’ expectations are when using the website, our creative team can develop an effective strategy to help successfully guide them through their visit, in order to properly satisfy those expectations.


What are some common methods for improving a client’s outdated website design?

One of the standard ways to improve a website’s design and usability is by applying the latest set of best practices to it. Websites that we developed more than five years ago tend to be outdated in terms of responsive screen sizes, are not making use of the latest mobile trends, and may not function properly as a result of web browser updates. So in those cases, our first step would be bringing everything up to the current standards.

From this point, designing a clear call to action can help to vastly improve the usability of the website, and ensure that it reaches the company’s goals. Refreshing other elements of the website, like imagery and content strategy, are surefire ways to enhance the user’s experience.

Additionally, we also ensure that the website is up-to-date on all accessibility requirements, which has become a standard web practice within the last several years. Doing so ensures that all users will be able to understand the website.


Do you have a favourite website you’ve designed while at Pace Creative?

One of my favourites to work on was for Grifols (more specifically their Diagnostic Division). Not only because it was for an international company, but because of the sheer amount of information and its complexity, made the project a real challenge that demanded the best of our creative team to achieve the desired result. In the end, our team created a stunning website, all while enjoying the process and developing skills that I would apply in future projects.

If you’re interested in working with our experienced team at Pace Creative and help refresh your business’ website that converts and says “2018”, be sure to get in touch with us! In the meantime, check us out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to see what we are up to in terms of content marketing and website design!

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