Demonstrating experience is a vital component in the process of winning over potential clients. Yet when it comes down to it, many businesses neglect or make it unnecessarily difficult for clients to view their previous work. With more than 80% of business-to-business companies reporting positive returns from featuring their own case studies, we’ve decided to outline several reasons why it’s worth updating (or potentially begin writing) your company’s case studies.

A thoughtfully crafted case study accomplishes many things, but none more important than conveying the hard work you (and your team) put in to realize the client’s vision. This not only demonstrates to the reader your efficacy as a business, but also serves to guide them through the processes that were involved. Inserting your own rationale for decisions made within the scope of the project can help to add a splash of personality to your write-ups, and also help to explain more technical decisions in layman’s terms.

Regardless of the effort put in to create a comprehensive case study, this often will matter very little if you don’t provide a client testimonial to accompany your write-up. These testimonials serve as a terrific opportunity to harness customer and client advocacy, allowing the reader to experience the scope of the project from a different perspective.

From a more introspective angle, writing a case study allows for a healthy degree of self-reflection that can be extremely vital in growing as a business. Focusing on past projects requires you as the writer to evaluate your team’s processes, and to weigh the respective successes and shortcomings. In turn this encourages you to consider areas within your and your team’s work that can improved upon to better serve clients in the future.

Case studies reveal to both you and the reader, what you value as a company. What you choose to display and discuss are reflective of your identity as a business, helping to inform the reader if you’re the right match for their project. Here at Pace Creative, we like to take our case studies seriously, and are currently working on redesigning our own collection. If you’d like to be notified when everything is completed, or want to stay up to date on our latest blog posts, consider following us on one of our social media channels!

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