go2HR has been around since 1979, yet the website had little to no online visibility and could not be found online. When found online by 99,000 users each month, the navigation and content lacked user-centric navigation and users were consistently complaining about not finding the information they were looking for. The website was in need of a website audit, website strategy and site map optimization to help boost their online presence.

Shortly after being appointed, the new CEO, Krista, made the decision to invest in go2HR’s online presence to transform the website into its #1 strategic marketing tool. The new website is aimed at increasing awareness and becoming a primary source for human resources, and health and safety, along with training and research services.

go2HR before the website transformation

go2HR before the website transformation

go2HR is implementing various initiatives to strengthen their industry association presence, and investing in their online brand awareness is just the first step towards achieving their long-term goals. This investment is unique in the tourism industry, especially for an association. Kudo’s the management team!

Elevating Online Brand Awareness in Tourism with go2HR

As of April 2023, go2HR relaunched a new website along with a tailored hospitality and tourism marketing strategy to support their audiences’ digital customer journey. go2HR is looking to reposition themselves as a leader in the marketplace for BC’s tourism and hospitality industry. A leader in the industry; the executive team decided to invest in the association’s online presence to transform the website into their #1 marketing asset.

As a full-service marketing agency, Pace Creative worked very closely with go2HR to establish their presence with a strategy to strengthen their position as an industry leader. At Pace Creative, we specialize in providing strategies for companies wanting to improve their Tourism Industry Association online presence by offering services such as:

Advantage of Investing in your Online Brand Awareness to Build Growth

Brand awareness is an essential component of a company’s success. The ability of potential customers to recognize and recall a brand is critical to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Here  are the four main reasons your industry association should consider investing in increasing your online brand awareness:

  1. Your company will see increased credibility and trust.
  2. Your company will stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  3. Your company will see improved customer loyalty over time.
  4. Your company will see expansion into new markets and audiences.

How go2HR Hired Pace Creative to Implement an Online Brand Awareness Strategy

go2HR, an industry association for BC’s hospitality and tourism sector, hired Pace Creative to develop a brand awareness strategy to stand out in the tourism industry and be perceived as a thought leader.

Pace Creative’s 15+ years of experience in strategic industry association marketing was leveraged to increase go2HR’s online brand awareness by uniquely positioning their brand to support their user’s journey with a tailored strategy in place.

How Pace Creative Elevated go2HR’s Online Brand Awareness

Through close collaboration with go2HR, we developed methods to enhance go2HR’s online brand awareness, ensuring that their website design and development effectively communicated their brand identity and message. By incorporating visually appealing elements and user-friendly features, we optimized the user experience to make it easier for visitors to engage with go2HR’s brand, content and services. Our tailored hospitality and tourism marketing strategy implemented through the new website will allow go2HR to establish itself as a leader in the hospitality industry and be found online organically.

go2HR’s new website 2023

go2HR’s new website 2023

About go2HR: go2HR is an industry association for British Columbia’s tourism and hospitality sector. They provide a range of resources and services to support employers and job seekers in the industry. With a focus of supporting both employers and employees in the industry, they strive to promote growth and sustainability within the tourism and hospitality sector.

About Pace Creative: Pace Creative is an award-winning full-service marketing communications agency. We are committed to helping our B2B clients become industry thought leaders by supporting their digital transformation. We know that designing a custom marketing framework is essential for achieving predictable business growth!

Get in touch with Pace Creative to see if our expertise is in line with your digital transformation needs and business goals.



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